the Customer Service Rep {Who was VERY Helpful to the extant that she was Able to}
was Getting Frustrated with Wyze Team Members Response to the Situation.
to her Credit She Spent 48 minutes on the Phone Trying her Best to get things resolved.
They Even Told her i Should just UnSubscribe from the BETA Program and then Delete my Account and Create a New Account!!!
How will that Help??
I Will Lose all Previous Purchase Histories and Have to Reconnect Everything all Over again.

no that is NOT the issue
i was Away last Week and had to log into my Gmail account to do some work on a New Laptop
Yes there was a Verification Process and Google sent me an Alert Email to Confirm it was Me but otherwise no issues accessing my Google Account

I am a bit confused with this, maybe another forum member can shed some light on this. I have found that the email address in the app is the actual email address you are using with Wyze. It should match the site as well as the app. SInce your account online says and that is what your CamPlus and other services are attached to, it should also show the account in the app.

Have you tried clicking on the email address in the app, and changing it their, back to When you do that, the Wyze app will display a warning as shown below. Basically telling you that you need to use this account on all devices.

Ok. Just clarifying.

what i Meant by “”" ““i CANT log in with the Gmail Address on Either Device””
Was that i DID Do an Email Address Change about a year Ago
Was Having issues with Alerts on my Google home Display, and the Camera could no longer be viewed on my Google home Screen Device. but apparently when i did this {with the Same Pic you provided} it only changed for Alerts as i Cannot use the Gmail Address to log on - i can only use the yahoo address – So Even though the Screenshot i provided shows my Gmail Address , in Order to log in, i have to use my yahoo address

Ok - Looks like you are using an Android Device. I would try the following to be sure as it sounds like you may have something corrupted either on the phone or with the app:

This is what I have done in the past for a different issue, but this was a long while ago You decide if you want to do this.

  1. Go back into the app on the phone and choose the acount tab
  2. scroll to the bottom and choose the App Settings
  3. Click on the Clear link to clear Cache
  4. go back 1 page and then scroll to the bottom and sign-out

then on the phone

  1. Long Press on the Wyze App and select App Info
  2. Choose Force Stop
  3. select Storage and Cache
  4. Select Clear Cache there as well

Doing this to clear everything out. Then Delete the App by Long Pressing and dragging it up to the uninstall location,

Once fully uninstalled, reboot the phone to do a final clear of whatever may be in memory.

Now lets start again - Assuming you are on the beta version of the app, when you are done it should show the following in the app about location: v2.19.12

Go to the app store and search for Wyze, then install the app. After it is installed, run the app and logon with your Yahoo.Com account. and see if things clear out and start working as expected.

Already did All of that with Customer Support
No Change

I am at a loss here then.

Do you have a device which Wyze was not installed on - iOS Tablet or a Fire tablet, something which will allow Wyze to install. Just to see what happens?

Well the beta branch of the app is a work in progress and has features that are in development. When you joined the beta program, the join page stated that the beta app may have bugs and the reason you joined the program was to help find and work out these bugs with the devs or engineers. Yes it allows access to new features and such, but there is a point to it, it’s to hopefully help refine everything before it hits the production app. Logs and info submitted via beta are send straight to the devs. I am glad the support wizard worked with you for so long to try and fix it.

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yes that’s Correct, an i am a beta tester for other things and have been a beta Tester for Microsoft windows since Windows “8”
However In Those cases the Beta Testing was Strictly for New Features and changes to WEED Out bugs and see if the Beta Testing Community though it Was of Value to the End Product;

in this Case However it Seems the Beta Test Bed Did NOT Keep up with the Regular Apps Release, and in my case i Cannot Add the PAID WYZE CAM PLUS to the Camera {even if i Paid for it!
Also the issue is if i BACK out of the Beta Program they cannot Guarantee that All My Purchases from my Account will Not be Lost.
As Well as that they Cannot guarantee that i would have to Reset ALL of my Devices, basically Starting from Scratch, All just for the PRIVILEGE of Signing up for the Bets Program in an Honest Attempt to Help a Company that i have Been Following and a Customer off theres since day “1” Trying

i can’t Even Count how many Friends , Family, Coworkers and Even Relative Strangers to Use WYZE Cams and other Products Vacuum, Watch, Outdoor Cam, Even the Thermostat and Doorbell which I did NOT Personally Purchase due to the fact i Already had a NEST Thermostat and a Smart Doorbell.
i would Feel Really Stupid if i had gave Bad Advice to People as Many Come to me Specifically for Advice on Computers and Tech {As well as other things} Including things i Have No Business Giving Advice on LOL

yes i tried that as well as i have Many Older Android Phone {i dont Sell them i Reuse them or for Backup}
as well as Android tablets.

here is the Thing YOU CANNOT Download the WYZE BETS APP.
You install the Regular App and After you Log in to your account the App Changes to the Beta.
You would think that since this is the procedure that the Beta App is really the same as the regular app but it has an Open door to Beta Updates.
but that Strongly does NOT Seem to be the case.

When you register as a beta tester and go to the play store, the Beta App is what gets installed. it is even labeled as WyzeBeta and not Wyze. The Beta section allows for Beta FW to be installed on the devices and it also verifies the app as well.

If I were to uninstall my app and the install it again, it will show up as WyzeBeta.

So not sure what you mean by you cannot download the Wyze Beta. No matter how it is setup, the Beta version is what will get installed on your phone unless there is no Beta app to be gotten and the final released product is available.

In any event, I still believe there is something wrong with either your account or how the app was registered, IMHO, the email shown should be your logon email address.

The only option is to go back to Wyze Support and see if they can change your login information.