Canadian Purchases

Hi … I purchased 4 of your products through

I noticed that the prices have gone up in both Canadian and American marketplaces in three days, twice, in the space of a weekend! And a total of at least four times in the past two months. I’m surmising that a combination of Amazon and basic economics basics of supply and demand are at play here…lol :wink:

I also noticed that by ordering here (I’m in the app), which, through the app, is directly to the vendor/supplier. The advantage through the app is that I could purchase another two for $19.99 each, add to that Canadian conversion, for a far better pricing structure for both you and me than the $47.89 the price has been raised to as of today😲

So, to circumvent the gaming in the Amazon marketplace that’s now become a deterrent, how can I order to have it delivered to a Canadian location as I’ve done in the past, but without going through Amazon and rather to give the whole profits to you, the seller. As it appears now, ordering through the app allows only American addresses.

Thank you.


That is correct. Unfortunately, Wyze is only selling within the US at this time as they have not yet expanded their infrastructure yet to support outside-US markets. Amazon is not even supposed to be selling them outside the US.

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