Canadian beta tester for shipping

I’m in Canada too! ! Bought a black Wyze cam plus one pan cam at Home Depot in NYC and was just about to order wall mounts from some other manufacturer … I like to be official so will order from Wyze instead
I’m registered for beta testing hope that helps



An older guy in Toronto,On would also appreciate Canadian shipping so can spend some more money with Wyze not Amazon.Thank you

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We should start a Toronto chapter of the Wyze Guys and Gals Fan Club

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Btw I tried to buy a Wyze gift for a USA friend with shipping to her US address but the system at that time didn’t accept my credit card with a Canadian billing address (at that time). Of course I tried entering her US Mailing address as my card Billing address but naturally the bank rejected that … just FYI

If you need some one to beta test shipping in a rural area in Ontario I’m available.

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I would also be interested

I would also be interested in shipping to a Canadian Residential address.
Especially now that our boarders are closed to crossing.
I live in the small city of Mission near Vancouver, British Columbia.
Please consider me as well.
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I’d love to be part of this! Vaughan Ontario Canada.

Love to beta test Canadian shipping, St. Catharines, Ontario

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Wyze team, when is this happening? I was told almost a year ago that you were looking for beta testers for shipping to Canada. I want the doorbell, the headphones, and the thermostat. When will you make this happen?

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I would definitely be interested in purchasing Wyze products that can be delivered directly to my Canadian address.

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I’m also interested. You keep launching new and interesting products at good price points and I can’t get any of them. Re-shipping is not a cost effective option and the border is effectively closed.

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I also have been waiting 2 years for wyze to start shipping to Canada. Hopefully it happens soon as there are alot of new products I would like to buy. Available for beta test too.

Yeah I just went to buy the Wyze Scale, and v2 cam black…
no shipping to canada.
checked there is 1 reseller selling the wyze scale for $132 plus $6 shipping. Get real!
checked Amazon.COM which will ship most products to Canada and usually has better selection… does not have either product.

So in Canada, there is no way to get a black v2, and can only get the scale if I am willing to overpay by 100$

Yes, this is exactly why Wyze needs to get on it and ship to Canada! Missing out on a lot of sales.


Wyze, if an American company selling sunglasses can ship to Canada. You guys can do the same all while charging USD. I hope your online shopping cart with the State/Territory/Province drop down is an indication of what’s to come.

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I’m also interested to be a shipping beta tester. I am using your devices as my home security platform.

Just Give up already! They won’t ship to Canada because they make too much with a reseller on Amazon!

They don’t need Canada to survive the market in the USA is big enough, just thought it would be awesome to have more than the Basics sold on Amazon!

They already confirmed they have a warehouse in Canada now and are almost ready to launch, bud. Lol.


Must have missed that post, maybe they could have emailed out something?!