Canadian beta tester for shipping

I would love to be a beta tester for Canadian shipping.
I am living up north. Yukon Territory. A great place with huge potential and the best location to test how quick wyze products can be shipped.

Not only am I a CANADIAN user of WYZE, but I’m also into LOCKSPORT. so if you want feedback on the physical aspects of the lock as well let me know…

Count me in please. I’m located in Montreal and use Wyze products (Cam, Pan, motion + contact sensors). Keep up the good work. A Wyze fan :slight_smile:

I have heard great thing about wyze products and I am anxious to try them. I live in Burlington Ontario Canada and would be happy to purchase a Wyze Pan Cam and Sense starter kit as part of the beta test. Thank you for your consideration.

Count me in if you need someone to test in Winnipeg. (lots of companies test in Winnipeg due to our cold climate)

Guelph (Toronto), Canada

One more in as a beta tester for Canadian shipping - Vancouver BC

I’m in for the Beta as well, from Canada’s Deep South, Leamington Ontario :wink:

I’m also in, I will buy all of the things!

I’m from Vancouver as well.

Good morning WYZE Team.

I Live in Toronto Canada. I have a lot of experience shipping product to and from the US. It is actually very easy to do. If you would like to do a test shipment, I would be glad to purchase some products and have them shipped to my office in Canada.

I have helped setup personally over 40 cameras and sensors for myself and friends.

Your products are fantastic. Keep up the great work.

Thank you from Canada.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Steve Woo

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Ready to order more items to Gatineau/Ottawa!

I am interested in Canadian shipping as well.

Super interested here, too! near Montréal, Canada. I’d be glad to help!

I’m on the East coast and would be interested in Beta testing for the smart lock as well.

Would love to buy products from you guys officially rather than going through Amazon.

Yes please! Also have an office full of geeks who are interested…
(Calgary, AB)

Canadian from Montreal, Province of Quebec
Ready for beta testing shipping or whatever
Speak English and French
Owner of many Wyze products

Representing NW coast of BC here, happy to help ‘test’ some Canadian shipping when it becomes available. Wasnt at the AMA so i dont know if you need details but if this is an actual thing im happy to provide them to Wyze.

Calgary Alberta. I’m game

sign me up - I’m ready to buy!
It’s really not that hard to ship to Canada

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