Can you use a climate sensor to trigger a wyze plug?

I use a wyze plug to connect to a heater. Can I use a climate sensor to trigger the wyze plug to turn on the heater?

Yes you can.

It would look something like this.

If temp falls below X then turn on the plug.

Do note, if not familiar, the Wyze climate sensors are not stand alone devices and require the Wyze Sense Hub.


I actually do this exact automation right now for my home office! I have a space heater connected to a Wyze Plug. When it gets below a certain temperature on my climate/humidity sensor, it turns on the plug and it starts heating up the room. As soon as it gets to a certain temperature, it shuts off the plug.

  • I have the on routine only running during certain hours I might use the office, or during other hours I can always manually tell Alexa to turn on the Heater (plug name) and it will turn it on. This saves money when I am not there anyway, and keeps it safer so a space heater isn’t always running without supervision.
  • I have the off rule run 24/7.
  • I also have a motion sensor set up to turn off the heater any time there is no motion in my office for at least 10 minutes, so the heater isn’t left running if I leave the room. I also have a light switch that shuts off the heater when I turn off the lights.
  • I also have the Climate sensor send me a notification if the heat in the room ever gets above a certain temperature. This is a failsafe to warn me if an automation failed to function for any reason.
  • As a second fail-safe I have the plug set up to automatically shut off anytime it has been on for at least 40 minutes straight.

It is pretty cool. My office has some pretty cool automations to keep me comfortable, and still be safe. This is just one of them. :+1:


Just curious…do these sensors work as triggers for the Alexa app/routines?

They do… all the marked items are Wyze Motion or Contact Sensors. Listed under “Smart Home”

Those aren’t CLIMATE sensors, which was my question.

Bah… Sorry, Guess I am still not awake yet… and was just thinking standard sensors :slight_smile:

Thank you for pointing that out.

No, the Climate Sensors are not devices that you can use Temp/Humidity Triggers for in Alexa at this time.

That’s what I thought. Just bought some from YoLink and they don’t work with Alexa either, but I can use them as triggers in IFTTT. The Wyze sensors probably wouldn’t work because the area is too far from the hub. YoLink’s have 1/4 mile distance.

That’s some distance!

You can use them in Wyze rules. I used a couple for my guitars and humidity control and in the Crabitat