Can you tell which one is the V3?

My opinion on the V3 is if the better night vision doesn’t help you, then keep it off. The V3 is so much more sensitive to light that you may find you don’t have a need for it, especially if you have a yard light.

The thing about the new starlight sensors is they see visible light – take someone who is dressed all in black – An IR sensor might see that as someone wearing white, where the visible light starlight sensors might see them in actual black. The actual color they are wearing is a much better description, no?

As far as a Sense bridge on a V2 – I am with you. Awaiting the next iteration. In the meantime, I just replaced my V2 bridge cam with a V3, so I plugged the V2 with the bridge in nearby, but turned the camera section off in the app.


V2 vs V3, same time, side by side. The second is set to dusk and no IR lights for either group.


Huh. Why do you think there is little to no improvement on the “North” shots?

The dusk and dawn settings help the camera determine when to switch to night vision mode. One waits until it’s a little bit darker before it turns night vision mode on. Looks like the bottom photo is holding off on the NV mode a little longer because of your outdoor lights, and the neighboors lights are fairly bright.

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Oh thanks, and never mind. I misread the post. I thought the first “North” was V2 and the second “North” was a V3. But it seems in both sets the “North 2” is a V3 camera and it produces much better results in both cases.

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Hello, @charley

I took a wild guess before reading the other posts that it was #3 (unbelievably amazing).

Due to all of the vibrant V3 Cam video examples… I’m placing our order today or tomorrow (probably start with two).

Hello, @mvb

W :comet: W !

My eyes are still dilated from the blinding light of your comet video… I didn’t realize I should have worn :dark_sunglasses:.

Thanks for sharing.


So I have a couple pans in between inner/outer windows and can see fairly decent when it’s a full moon and am hoping I can replace the pans with v3 and be able to see better. A few post up I read something about reflections trying to use a v3 through a window? Are you referring to with night vision on?? Or a glare from the actual starlight sensor in regular color mode?? Anyone try a v3 through a window at night??

This shot was through a window. The top was a V2 and the bottom was the V3.

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Wow!! Very nice, I’m going to be able to see pretty darn good. Thinking I’ll even leave my pan in the window with the v3 for the looking around during the day. That starlight sensor is awesome

here is a visual of a v2 top and a v3 bottom through a window at night ( keep in mind that there is a privacy tint film on this window as well.)

on the bottom you can see the reflection from the camera itself.


Seems like magic.

Totally awesome I can’t wait.

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Well technically the Ford Fusion is only a 2nd generation although the early 1st Gen and late 1st Gen (face-lift/refresh) models looked so differently inside and out that most people incorrectly consider the face-left/refresh model to be a 2nd generation and yours pictured to be a 3rd Gen…

Subtle, very subtle. :grin:

That took me longer to get than it should have, /S aside. :red_car:

Oh geez I wasted so much time trying to figure out how that applied to Bam’s photos.


The V3 is amazing. Here’s a shot looking towards the street with the v3 and an AXIS cam I’ve been using. They aren’t in identical positions but pointing to the same location. No comparison…


Only word for it is, gobsmacked


That’s quite amazing, I’m new to these cameras, still waiting on my v3 preorder from Oct 27 :-/ but a big fan of stargazing/amateur astronomy.

Did you use object detection for this, or how did you manage to find the exact moment? Really quite impressive.

There are sites that will predict/chart satellite paths, be fun to track them too (though, living in Chicago, our skies are crazy light-polluted).

@Levon, I did have motion detection active and it caught a couple of meteors, But the majority of the motion events were due to the tree branches moving. So I relied on the continuous recording feature.

Every morning, I took the camera down and copied all of the previous night’s 1 minute video files to my laptop. Then it was a matter of opening the first file in MS Movies and using the slide bar to look for movement manually. If I saw something, I would take a closer look and save a copy to another folder. Otherwise I’d just move on to the next minute. It took about 10 minutes to go through 60 videos. Less time if clouds moved in.

I got rid of most of the aircraft recordings. I saw a few what I think are satellites and a a couple of “I have no clues”. I am far enough away from Milwaukee that the light pollution wasn’t too bad. But if I lived farther west, it would be even better.

Good luck and have fun!