Can you tell which one is the V3?


I’m guessing the first and last pictures.
Edit: prob only the bottom. Didn’t notice it was a group.

Im going to guess just the bottom one. the night vision on the V3 I think would show that better then the first picture does if it were in night vision. its too similar to the middle which I believe is a V2 leading me to think the top is a V2 as well.

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That is a group picture. Only the last.

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You are correct. Top and middle are V2’s
I’m really happy w/ the new night vision.


Yeah, it was too dark to easily see it was a group of cams., but their all on the front of the house. The left, center, and right cams are all facing the street, but the left cam (or bottom as pictured in the group) is the V3.

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FWIW, The difference is more pronounced now that it’s later and darker.

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I want mine to show up…

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I ordered mine within 3 minutes of the opening bell. It changed from “pre-order” to shipped 3 days ago
if that helps. Also, this is the same view, subject, time with the V2 vs V3

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I ordered mine a few hours later, so I don’t expect them quite as fast…

I want some of these people tested for steroids lol

I haven’t gotten my cameras yet! :cold_sweat:

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I think I’ve posted this before, but here it is again. This is a side by side by side of a WCO, a V2 and my test V3.

It still blows me away.


Mine is on the way arriving Wednesday, November 25. :+1:


I caught this meteor on Tuesday night. I was inspired by @todwatts. Now we’re both addicted to sky gazing. :grin:


Yup. It’s like that. Pretty impressive.

Also, that was about as good as it gets for under $25. I’d be super proud if it were me.

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I can not wait for my v3’s to get here in a few days. Huge upgrades I’m very much looking forward to.

I was pretty blown away as soon as it got dark. I’m sure you’ll be pleased.

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The sensor sensitivity is so good that if you are in an indoor window looking out, it is best that the outdoors be illuminated. Otherwise you may see reflections you haven’t seen with the V2.

Or you could just move the camera outdoors, as it is waterproof now, lol. :wink:

Sweet camera! :+1:


4 of my V2’s were outside. I have one inside that had the sense module plugged in. At present I now have 2 V3’s replacing 2 of the V2’s but until they come up w/ the RTSP firmware option, I’ll keep running 2 of the V2. Then I just have to wait for the new sense bridge or whatever it’s going to be. I hadn’t thought about the how these might handle windows. I know the V2’s IR lights were useless through a window, but they can be turned off and still have increased illumination. Have to try that tonight.