Can you set a group scene where one bulb is off?

I’m just trying to figure out if its just me or if its not supported.

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You don’t really need a scene for Turning off A whole group’because you can turn that group off With one button on the home page

I just tried on a 2 bulb group. Get error message “operation failed”

No I want to turnoff all BUT one in a group. Say I want to set a scene for movie watching and just leave one bulb dim in the back of the room.

Thanks! Maybe its not just me.

Ok, gothca

Groups using Google home and Alexa work have not tried the Wyze app yet. Just a thought!

@cliftycreek, I’m kind of confused by this request. Is one of the bulbs in a different area of your home, even though it’s in the same group?

No in my living room I have several lights. Say I want to set a scene for movie watching. I hit the scene and all but one turn off. Or all go dim but the one by the screen turns off.

I can’t be the only one the wants this functionality. Seems basic.
But I’m fine if that’s the way it is.

For me - I have two light fixtures in a hallway that each have two bulbs in them. All controlled by one light switch.

When I put the kids to bed I want only one light bulb on (dimmed) that is near their room, to act like a night light temporarily until they go to bed.

All four bulbs are set into one group, as most of the time I want to control all of the lights together, but sometimes only want one bulb on. Right now I just manually turn on one of the bulbs and adjust instead of being able to save a scene for that group.

Gotcha! I can understand what you’re asking about now. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Make a shortcut that has several actions like:
Bulb 1 - Off
Bulb 2 - Off
Bulb 3 - Adjust brightness to 25%
Bulb 4 - Off
Would that work? Then you can keep the bulbs in the group and still hit the button in the group to turn them on or off as a group.

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Hmmm Not sure how to do that. On my app you set the state of the bulbs how you want them then save that as a preset/scene.

From the main screen, make a shortcut. Under “action” chose one bulb to turn off, then make another action to turn another bulb to brightness of 25% (or whatever level you want). Label and click done. Don’t need to worry about grouping or scenes.

This works exactly like I want thanks!

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Yes that works. I would guess setting/saving a scene from the group would be more intuitive to most users, but maybe that’s just my left brain thinking working.

As im getting more familiar with Google Home commands its easier to just say “hey Google set hall light 1 to 1%”. Or turn on/ off the hall lights.