Can Wyze take accountability for extremely delayed notifications?

Well that’s unfortunate (no discussion of the issue by the panel).

To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting them to :wink: I mean, perhaps the response that notification speed would be getting a boost in a few weeks was directed at the Android issue, but it kinda didn’t sound that way… maybe though?
There was a question asked if the app (again, wasn’t specific to Android or iOS) will ever be getting a complete ground up re-write, to which the answer seemed to be no, it would be too huge an undertaking.
So, while I’m not a software designer by any means, if the problem here is so deeply rooted that it would require a whole new app for Android to get around doze, we would continue to be out of luck. The reason why I have a nagging suspicion that a ground up re-write might be needed, is that it’s simply not getting solved after so long, while so many other bugs are. But I’m really just guessing.
Shame, because my setup of 5 cams w two bridges, 6 doors sensors, one motion sensor and 4 bulbs are at the moment working extremely well. Everything has been stable, cam live images pulling up quickly on the app, person detection working great etc. It’s all there, except for the notifications getting log jammed on the phone sadly :pensive:


You have a fair point, it could be that their event/activity update logic is buried too deep into the Android app for them to easily fix it

Everyone uses “Doze” maybe because in the android user interface on some brands this terminology is used.
But inside android it’s a part of the operating system, called “Idle” and it can’t be turned on or off, not via the user interface at least. ADB can be used to turn it off, but it’s a PITA…
It’s an internal android function that is designed to save battery and data usage and has nothing to do with whether the app is included / excluded from “sleeping” or “Doze”
I think we may have sent the developers down the wrong rabbit hole… Just thinking out loud…


Even if this problem doesn’t affect a huge number of people (I don’t know one way or the other), there could eventually be a negative impact on sales. The way it stands now, for example, I certainly would not recommend Wyze to anybody with an Android phone. Or at best I would advise them to somehow confirm that notification delays won’t be an issue before they invest in Wyze cameras. Eventually the word spreads, with a resulting negative impact on sales.


All I know is that other cam manufacturers and apps such as Facebook messenger have no issues pushing through on android once the phone has gone to idle. What I’m wondering is, does the “platform” (sorry, I’m not an app dev so really guessing here) that the app was originally built on maybe not have the tools available/needed to fix this issue?

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As was said somewhere in this or another thread on this subject, none of the developers have android phones, or they’d know about this and would have fixed it already. My wife’s iPhone doesn’t share this problem… I get it in the ear from her every time we discuss this problem “told you iPhones are better than android blsh blah blah” I don’t know which is more annoying, the notification bug or this… :grin:


I will say this, even with doze disabled (and it is called doze in the android code) my wife’s iPhone gets the Wyze notification a good 2 seconds before my android.


True for my situation here too.

My typical delay time for notifications to push through on my locked S10+ is about 10-11 minutes. Seems it’s been pretty consistently there for about the past month or two, which might be some kind of improvement (?) over randomly anywhere from 6 minutes to about an hour, but still, it’s a big flaw. If there’s a number of them, like a bunch of doors being opened and closed, the oldest notification will eventually push through a locked screen, and the newer ones get bunched up together with it in what’s become the oh-so familiar WYZE notification buzz bloom on my band.

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Mine is so random. But mostly it can take 10-15 minutes to get a notification. I have and android phone as well.

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Yup, I think that’s about the average for us not so few and forgotten by WYZE android users. If I ever get a fire alarm detected notification 10-15 minutes after the fact, I’m a gonna be mad…

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And big surprise, a new topic post I created on their “Wish” forum to say my biggest “wish” is that this issue gets resolved, got lumped into a topic that has nothing to do with this issue…

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Thanks for doing that!

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@StopICU33 Can I respectfully ask that you review this forum thread? It discusses in great detail a real issue for Android users that has left us in a lurch for a very long time without a solution besides going the ADB doze disable route, which for some reason I can’t get to work.

For most android users it presents 3 options for the WYZE devices…

1: Live with notifications that are delayed by 10 minutes up to an hour or so on a locked Android screen device that’s off a charger, making these products simply tech toys vs highly usable devices for security and peace of mind.

2: Continue to hope that WYZE finally addresses this issue and resolves it, in which case Android users would get notifications in nearly real time, same as iPhone users do and then we party-on and rejoice.

3: We move on and are forced to ditch the WYZE environment and products and services we’ve already invested in.

And meanwhile all us Android users can do is to try to make a little noise and hope that someone at WYZE will hear and realize it’s a real bug and affects a lot of their paying and loyal customers, whether they realize it or not. This is the thread for those of us who do, will you join us please??


You option 1 is a show-stopper for me. I’d go with options 2 and 3. I could suggest a fourth option, though I won’t do it: switch to an iPhone! However, that would simply reward Wyze for seemingly ignoring the many Android users who have had the delayed notification problem for so long.



I want to clarify that I am not a Wyze employee. I am a fellow user who volunteers to help moderate the forum.

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Cheers @StopICU33. Thanks for checking back. Understood! I also moderate on a few really active, sponsored fan pages if you will, that represent the manufacturers, so I totally get you pointing out hey- I’m just helping out!

I’m only hoping to reach out to you so that this real, legit, 100% repeatable notifications not working bug for Android users is something as a mod you’re aware of, so when you see us trying to get WYZE’s attention to recognize and fix it you get why and hopefully support it getting seen.

Customer Support for this will just have them ask you to refresh Sync Time on your cams, or update the app, or disable battery saver settings on the device etc, and it’s all been tried and done. So reaching out here on the forums is about there is left to try to say Hello :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: something’s not working…

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