Can Wyze take accountability for extremely delayed notifications?

Forget Google. Their own Gmail has similar issues. Who they really should contact are the developers of FaceBook android apps… Like their messenger app. Never fails to push a notification on a locked/dozed android phone. Whatever they’re doing on their app, is what Wyze needs to do.

Something tells me though, that it would require them building the app from the ground up, like from scratch. It’s the only explanation I can think of (besides the who cares theory) why they haven’t been able to fix this yet… That it would be a much larger undertaking than just a patch.

Good points. I thought that somebody said delayed notifications weren’t a problem in an earlier firmware (not app) version, though I could be mistaken. If it’s true that this is a new(ish) issue, then it might be easier to debug. But I’m just speculating.

I think that the older firmware just happened to coincide with pre Android 10 versions. This has been a problem since Android 10, a fundamental change in the way Android manages system resources to limit unnecessary battery consumption happened in Android 10 and above versions.
Most other companies read the “white papers” on the change and adapted their software accordingly or by setting the necessary flags in the system provided to control these new options during the installation process to avoid any problems (Gmail failed to set the appropriate flags during installation, the problem has been fixed I believe)
Either way, what has been said is true, Wyze developers need to look at how other companies are getting messages delivered and fix this problem.
Just my 5c :grin:

I’m almost certain that I was experiencing the same issue before android 10… Because I remember hoping that 10 would solve it…Am I just remembering wrong?

That’s very helpful. Thanks for the clarification.

Frankly, I can’t remember!

It isn’t an issue with Android 10 the notification problem goes back to September 2018 Android 8


That’s what I thought, long before 10. Which backs up my feeling that this isn’t getting any real attention from them… They’ve said don’t worry, we’ll fix this, at sporadic intervals for ages… Yet here we are., And it’s still being swept under the rug while they continue to develope new products and ignore the biggest flaw their android app could have., Timely and working notifications.

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All I know for sure is that the notifications were always slow, 5 to 30 second delays, at least that was my experience through Android 8 and 9.
However after Android 10, the notifications just stopped coming through, or rather, after up to an hour late, but they would all come through together, like they were being held in a que and all poured in once the phone woke up to check for messages or you woke it up manually.
It definitely got worse after android 10.
You can turn off system idle via ADB, then you get the notifications right away, but you have to re-do it every time you restart your phone, a real pita…
Wyze needs to fix it… Or hire better android developers.

They also have a Internet reconnecting problem that none of my other smart device brands have.
If my isp drops internet connection for a minute or longer, all my Wyze equipment loses internet connection along with everything else, but when internet service is restored, they never reconnect and need to be power cycled to get them to reconnect.
None of my other smart devices have this problem.
So I’ve had to resort to using smart plugs for the cameras so I can power cycle them remotely whenever this happens.

I’m all in agreement with that

in the other thread I linked, I posted my test results. The notification delay does not appear to affect the lock notifications & doorbell notifications, so hopefully the code for those notifications can be updated for all the other devices.

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That’s useful and encouraging, particularly given that I pre-ordered the Wyze Video Doorbell.

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Indeed, that is encouraging. I just updated my Cam Plus to an annual sub for two cams, and also put some coin into the person detection for the rest, so I’m paying :slight_smile: Just need this “little” issue resolved, and it’s a good set-up. :pray: :pray: :pray: