Can Wyze Car Power Bank Stay Plugged In?

Although it’s fun to drive around I bought a Wyze car with a very specific purpose: to quickly scope out rooms I do not have cameras in if my security system is triggered.

A few weeks ago my alarm company alerted me to my system going off because of the motion detector. I only have outside WyzeCams and cams in my kitchen watching my puppy. I was trying to figure out if I needed them to alert the police. Ultimately all was well but it got me to thinking. I do not want permanent cams otherwise in the house but it would have been nice to have been able to scope out a few rooms for activity. Aha! Get a Wyze Car.

What I didn’t realize is that the battery bank is only good for 20 hours. The car moves while the power bank is plugged in. Would all be well if I got a 20’ charging cable and left it plugged in all the time?

I would not Trust Wyze to protect my or your home…A thief will see your Remote Car and smash it. How about this…With all the Wyze products one buy’s…bite the bullet.

yes. a thief could smash it. and I would have confirmation that my house had been breached and the police should be dispatched. That’s what I’m hoping to achieve. I might even have a pic of the perp loaded to the cloud before the wyzecar met its valiant demise.

my real question: can i leave the powerbank plugged in all the time?

I don’t think leaving it plugged in all the time is a safe practice, I wouldn’t do it.

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Dear Santa,
Thanks for the Wyze Car you left for me under the tree this year ! It’s the cat’s pajamas man. I was wondering if you could make a few changes for me though. I’d really like to be able to just pull up my Wyze App, turn my Wyze Car camera on, open the Wyze Car app and then remotely take off and use it to cruise around to check out my house when I’m gone. So, if you could design a magnetic charge port for the battery in the car that automatically disconnects and adjust the programming so I could power it on remotely, Oh, and can you adjust the programming so we can use the pan/tilt camera on the car too? That would be awesome. Thanks.

That would be awesome. In the meantime I’m about to pack up and return my WyzeCar. It’s not a problem to keep the power bank plugged in 24/7 but operating it plugged in (with a very long charge cord) causes the car to stall and the camera to freeze. This will not suit my purpose of checking out my house when I’m gone. too bad.