Can Wyze Cam Record to SD Card Without Internet Connection?

Do you have a special adapter to power it in your vehicle?

That eliminates a lot of utility of the cameras.

I’m guessing they were responding to the security hounds,

I have a cigarette lighter plug adapter that has two USB outlets (my pickup is old enough that it does not have USB outlets). Just plug the power cable into the adapter instead of the AC power supply.

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So recently my power and internet went out due to storm damage. The power came back on but the internet did not for about a day. I thought nothing of it and told myself my cameras local record so I’m fine to check the footage from when the power came on till when the internet came back up. Opened the app went to the camera and clicked playback and there was no footage. I don’t get why it wouldn’t just started recording on its own. Am I missing something, or is it this true from what I read it won’t work.

You’re not missing something.

If the camera powers up with no internet connection, it won’t start up. Won’t record to SDcard. Won’t do much of anything. It will stay in an undetermined non-functional state until it is again able to access the internet and connect to WyzeHQ. Sad, but true.

More info can be found here:

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Thanks for info. Seems kinda pathetic they would do away with this feature. Seems quite logical especially in the sense it’s a security camera.

Note that if your camera had lost internet but not power, it would have kept recording to the SDcard during the internet outage.

It’s really not a ‘security camera’. It’s an Internet Of Things thing.


Did you hard wire it to your trucks fuse box? If so what type of Cable did you use? Thanks

No. I have a cigarette lighter to USB adapter that plugs into a non-switched cigarette lighter socket. The Wyze white cable plugs into that.

I wanted to update this old thread because I had bought this camera because of the reviews saying that you can use the cam without wifi. As of August 5th 2019 this is no longer true. Once it is set up and you unplug your router the camera will try to connect and will stop recording to the Local SD. You will have a few minutes of record time until you get the yellow/blue blinking light of death.

That feature alone made this camera stand out but it is no longer working that way.

Just bought my first Wyze Cam V2 for the purpose of building a dashcam setup. Pretty disappointed to see this tech being held back. There should be an option to completely turn off cloud recording and use an SD card only or a hybrid of both. Is there any way to flash the firmware back to an older version where the local recording worked?

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NVM just read more threads to see how complicated the reverting is due to iOS app versions. At this point I think I’m just going to look into a 4G modem with mint mobile to run dashcams.

I agree completely, a option to only record to the SD card would be amazing.


On Feb 9th, I posted this and was told that this bug would be addressed.

It now seems that this VERY useful feature - a µSD recording capacity without an Internet access - has been taken off from the Wyze Cam V2.

So for the transparency in the use of the Wyze Cam V2 product, could it be clearly indicated in the Wyze cam V2 specs, as in my case, I’ll have to abandon the Wyze Cam V2 products in favor of some other proposition explicitly having this a recording capacity without a direct Internet connection.



This is not a lack of a feature but rather a bug that needs to be squashed. I’m aware it’s been along time and I don’t really have any info about why it’s taken so long. However, I do know that it was pushed back due to some technical issues, but that they are actively working on it again now. Sorry I don’t have any more info to offer.

Hi Loki,

Many thks for your feed-back.

Now the µSD recording in all cases, including a context when after configuration, the Internet access is lost for whatever duration, is a major feature of Wyze Cam V2… and the main reason I bought several of these.

Now and as this bug has been here since at least the beginning of 2019, I think that either this problem is resolved rapidly, aka not next year… either a clear mention somewhere should indicate that for the time being, the Wyze Cam V2 doesn’t have the capacity to record on µSD, without a continuous Interne access.



The issue is noted when the Wyze cam is powered down and then brought back up without an internet connection, such as powering off the router. . This is different from keeping the Wyze cam powered on and turning off the router.

Maybe let’s not market them to record on an SD card w/o WiFi?

…because the 3Pans and 5 white cubes placed in the windows are just expensive theft deterrents…that hold empty memory cards.

Back to our regularly scheduled DVRrecordings of spiderweb cam on the BNC wired NightOwls :expressionless:

So it’s been 4 months since the last time this thread has been updated. I’m kind of surprised there has not been more fuss raised about this.

I’ve tested it just today and I was using this in the parking lot in my car via a power bank and there was nothing being recorded the whole day since I plugged it in. So the behavior is still the same that you need internet or else it won’t record onto the local SD card.

So what can be done to make it so I can record without internet?