Can we choose our own cloud services to save videos to?



Is there a way to integrate Google Drive, One Drive, Amazon Drive, etc. so that videos may directly/automatically be saved to these cloud services? For example, the videos which get saved through the motion-detection trigger.

Videos which are recorded on a phone, through the app, are locally stored on the phone. Such videos can be uploaded by the user to their favorite choice of storage using the sharing options. However, the motion-detected auto-saved videos are necessarily on a non-user-specifiable cloud.


That is a great feature request! Currently there is no way to choose where the initial alert video gets saved to, as it is an automated process to our AWS cloud. That being said, if you click share on a notification video you can upload it to various apps you have on your phone, including Google Drive, One Drive, etc.


I would also love to see this feature added. I have a server running several things in my home and would love to have the option to record and save video to my own personal server. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has something like this, but it would be a great option so we wouldn’t have to rely on the AWS cloud in case it is compromised. Especially since many of us are using this as our home security. I know I’d hate the idea of someone being able to watch the last 2 weeks of activity in and around my home if they were able to gain access to the video. Is this an options you’re currently working on?


+1 Dropbox


it would be awesome to have this feature


This would be a great addition. That way we can always get the videos.




+1 Dropbox.

I used to own a Piper. They had an IFTTT app that would automatically upload clips to my Dropbox account.


Doesn’t IFTT work with this? Maybe you could indirectly use that for this.


IFTTT is not nearly sophisticated enough to transfer video clips from Wyze to your own server space,


I vote for S3