Can the WYZE Scale Sync to Fitbit?

I see that the data from the WYZE scale is suppose to sync to Google Fit, and since Fitbit is owned by Google, I’m wondering if there’s a way to sync the WYZE scale data to Fitbit?


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From everything I have read, none of this is functional yet but they are working on it. I have the wyze scale and have not seen a way to sync it with other apps as of yet. Fingers crossed it will come soon.

I;ve been trying to get my scale to connect since the new app update on April 20th. I have authorize Fitbit with the new update but Fitbit app still doesn’t recognize it, I’m not techie but I have tried everything to get it to work, My phone a New Pixel 3a with android 10 I just submitted a return request for a refund on it AND the Wyze band I got at the same time that was dead out of the box, battery is dead and will not take a charge. I love their cameras and think they should stick with and get to work on the Promise wireless outdoor model.

Sorry to hear your having problems. I bought both the band and scale. I did not have a problem connecting to either one. I love both of them, especially with how cheap they were. The battery life on the band is insane so far. I’m starting on day 6 and the battery just hit 75%. I have not heard or seen another band that can even compete with this so far. We will see if continues to last after a few charge cycles.

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Does this help?

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Good morning,

No it did not help. That was the April 29 update that finally gave me the in settings, I did it and did ALL the “Allow” options. I have a Pixel with android 10 and everything is up to date.

I other thing, I do not have Fitbit “Premium” could that be the problem ?

Sorry, I don’t personally have the band, nor FitBit, nor Google anything. So I’m of no help unfortunately. Hoping others will come in here with info.

I am confused
are you trying to get the band and Google FIT to work together,
if so yes they do but you need to allow access to 3rd party in APP

or are you asking about a “fitbit” as you said in post
FIT and fitbit are NOT the same

I’m asking about syncing to the Fitbit app, not to Google Fit. In talking to the WYZE team I was told there are no current plans to support syncing to the Fitbit app. I was hoping someone in the WYZE community had a work around.

Ah, yeah I would be surprised if they ever sync to the Fitbit app. Does any band or watch other than those made by FitBit themselves?

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Odd being Google owns FitBit

Me too being Google owns FitBit !

Not sure I follow? Do you think Google will allow Wyze Band to work with Fitbit? Or maybe Google will allow Alexa to work with Google Assistant?

Just to be clear, I want the Wyze Scale to work with Fitbit.
I wear a Fitbit Versa 2 that feeds all of it’s data into the Fitbit app (of course), and I’d like the Wyze scale data to populate into the Fitbit app so I have one place to see all of my data.

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That would be cool. Perhaps it will, I think that would be great to see. Here’s hoping!

I’m also hoping for this, to have wyze scale be able to sync to FitBit app.

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I don’t think wyze scale will work with Fitbit like @rbruceporter was saying… Fitbit makes a direct competitor called the Aria line of smart scales. If Fitbit allowed wyze scale to work with its app, then that would eat into the Fitbit Aria smart scale sales.

I set up the sync of the Wyze scale data to Google Fit and that is working just fine.
I then installed the app ‘Fit to Fit’ from the Play Store which syncs my Fitbit data to Google Fit. Now all of my data is displayed in the Google Fit app. I did not enable any tracking inside the Google Fit app, all of my tracking is being done by Fitbit and the Wyze scale. (I don’t care for the layout of the Google Fit app, but at least it’s a solution,)
btw - I’m on a Samsung S10 running Android 10.


I thought so to, still do actually, but someone from Wyze contradicted me.