Can the outdoor cam be wired to power?

I want to put the cam in a location that is not easy to get to. If I have power near the camera can I put a power supply there and have it connected to the power at all times?

I hooked it up like my other cams. But then it complains about always being plugged in and how that’s bad, blah, blah, blah. So I put a Wyze Plug on it and could then remotely turn on and off the charger. As long as none of it gets wet, it should be fine. At least, it was for me until I decided to move it to another location.

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Creative solution! Thanks!

Do you happen to know if the base is really needed if it’s close enough to the wireless network hub?

Just realized the plug is voice controlled… so how does that help? Do they have an internet-controllable plug? I don’t want to have to shout up at the thing to get it to charge (and then have to turn it off).

Thanks for your response!

The base is needed, yes. It doesn’t use wifi, which requires the base. The base itself can be wifi or wired. But the outdoor cam has to have a base.

And, the plug is internet-controllable. It’s only voice controlled because it can be used with Alexa or Google Assistant. But it’s controllable through the Wyze app.

Thanks! I just had another idea: put a 24 hour timer so it just charges an hour every day or so. That might work too.

And 2 more questions - 1) is the battery power level checkable via the app? 2) does the outdoor cam pan at all or is it fixed?

They should be paying you for supporting their product.

Thanks again!

Yep, it is.

But really, if you are going to have power there, just get a v3 cam. I moved mine to a location where power wasn’t available, but easy to get to. And replaced it with a v3. I think in the end, you’d be happier with that setup.

I’m happy to help when I can. :slight_smile: