Can someone tell me what is going on in my garage at night?

New users can’t upload attachment? Great community Wyze.

Can you describe what is happening? Orbs? Dust particles? Ghosts? Bugs?

Welcome to the community, @Djespee! I have modified your account to allow attachments now. New users are restricted initially by design.

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What is that

Looks like an insect of some type, illuminated by the ir leds, somewhat close to the lens.

@timstik is correct…


I took your clip and slowed it down a bit do you can actually see it crawling.

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What kind of massive bug is this. Those are 16” studs spaced out and it looks like the big fits right in the middle of them.

My guess is a spider. It’s a matter of perspective… it’s close to the camera, the studs are a distance off.

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appears to be a spider making new webs by crawling along its existing ones. It’s probably six inches from the camera or so.

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I think it’s a spider crawling on the web. I’m also a new user and wanted to post a cool video but I can’t per rules which I find pretty ‘quirky’

it helps cut down on spam as you have to be a little “invested” in the community to post certain things. it is a small quirk but it betters the community at large. @Loki could you help @NoUsername out?



As @Bam mentioned, you gain trust level on the forum as you read, post, etc. In order to post attachments, you need to be at least Trust Level 1 (Basic User). You also need to be TL1 to send personal Messages and to flag posts. New members start out at TL0 (New User). You can see your trust level at the top of your user profile.

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The good news is that you have already been promoted to TL1. I’m not sure if that’s because you met the requirement or if another mod manually bumped you up. But in any case, you should be good to post the video now. Looking forward to seeing it.


Hello! The vast majority of motion alerts received on my cameras are for insects. Ten cameras have yielded 60% insect motion, 10% bird motion, 10% shrubs moving in the breeze, 10% triggered by my Sengled light bulbs turning on or off, and 10% motion caused by a dog that wanders through the yard. I’ve tweaked the motion detection area and the sensitivity settings to the point that I now am receiving only around 10-20 motion alerts daily, instead of the 50+ I was receiving. The insects really love a couple of the camera areas, as I have security lights that stay on dusk to dawn in those zones.