Can not find specified network



Greetings. I purchased 3 of these cameras and received them about 3 weeks back. All 3 set up and worked perfectly. I have one that has stopped working however. After researching, I tried rebooting the camera, and now it won’t connect to my network. I rebooted my modem, and did a factory reset on the camera as well, but it won’t connect. I’m using a 2.4 gh network, and it’s the same network the other 2 cameras are working on, and the one this one was working on as well, but all I can get it can not find specified network. I emailed in my support request on 6/18, but still no response. Anyone had this issue, and know how to fix it?


Is your phone connected to the same wifi network when you try to set up?

Here is the troubleshooting guide:

You may have to re-flash the firmware, or the camera may be defective and need to be exchanged via your support ticket.


Yes. My phone is on the same network. I guess I’ll try to flash it then.


I just re-flashed my camera with latest fw and it still says cannot find specified network name. All other wyze v2 cams that I have successfully connect to my network.

Any ideas what I can try to make my camera connect to wi-fi?


Make me wonder if this particular cam has a wifi radio problem. Have you submitted a support ticket?