Can I set a room sensor as primary (only) temperature sensor for thermostat

My thermostat is at the top of my 2 story foyer so the temperature it reads is affected by the downstairs HVAC. I also have a 12 month old that seems to be rather temperature sensitive while sleeping and I also work from home from a room on the same floor. My first question is can I set my thermostat that is upstairs to use only the temperature coming from the room sensor in the baby’s room and ignore what the thermostat reads at it’s location? There will be little to no motion so I cannot rely on that to dictate it. Also, can I set it to use the baby room during the night and the office during the day? I would also like to define “day” and “night” but that also seems impossible.

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Please add the new possibilities to the Wishlist to give the Devs a focus on the next enhancement: :slight_smile:


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Here are a couple of threads to read and watch. I am following them to get an understanding of what the sensors can and can’t do while waiting for the snail express to deliver mine.

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