Can I record without an internet connection?



Will the Wyze cam 2 work without an internet connection and record to the SC card for later viewing?


Please click Support at the top of this page, then FAQ, and scroll down to “Can the Wyze Cam record to a microSD card when there is no internet (wi-fi) available?”.


The FAQ isn’t as easy to find as it once was.

For future visitors, this is the answer given in the FAQ:

Yes (partially).

You’ll need a Wi-Fi network connection to set up and configure your Wyze Cam in the Wyze App. Once the camera is configured with a microSD card inserted and Local recording to microSD card turned on, the camera will continue to continuously record to the microSD card, even when it is moved to an area that does not have wi-fi.

However, when your Wyze Cam is in an area that does not have Wi-Fi, you will not be able to connect to the camera via the Wyze App to view the live stream view of the camera or change any of the camera settings. The camera also will not save any alert videos to the cloud, so none of the motion or sound detection features will work.

To view your recorded footage, you can either bring your Wyze Cam back to an area that is covered by the wi-fi network it was set up in and use the Playback feature in the Wyze App, or remove the microSD card from your Wyze Cam to view the raw video files (mp4 format) on a computer. When you return the microSD card to your Wyze Cam, it will resume continuous recording.