Can I record to SD card in continuous mode (Not events) with Person Detection?

Can I record to SD card in continuous mode (Not events) with Person Detection?
Can I subscribe to person detection for the Continuous Recording mode: SD card. No motion detection. 24-7 recording?
(SD card without event recording or motion detection).

There is no person detection with the SD card. That is only for cloud recording because the Wyze servers AI identifies the person.

If you mean you want person detection events and notifications at the same time as continuous sd card recording, then yes, you can.

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uSD Card recording and Person Detection Recordings are two separate functions that operate independently of each other. They have no effect on each other as the video is saved in two very different places.

We will need to know exactly which cam you are talking about. There are cams that have limited functionality when it comes to the uSD Card and others that react differently when on a subscription.

I have Cam V3 and PanCam V1.

On these, recording to the uSD card, either in Continuous 24\7 mode or in Motion Events Only mode, is NOT affected by any subscription plan or AI settings. The cams all come with this capability right off the shelf. The uSD recordings, when in Motion Events mode, will activate upon ANY motion depending on your sensitivity settings. It will not capture or record only Person AI events. When in Continuous, it records 24\7 until the card is full and then automatically overwrites the oldest footage 1 minute at a time. How much you get onto that card varies with the size of the card and the resolution of the recorded video. I highly recommend High Endurance cards.

Person Detection is a Smart AI feature that is ONLY available to Cloud Stored Event Videos, not uSD Card videos. This feature also requires subscription to CamPlus Lite, CamPlus, or CamPlus Pro. These videos are accessed via the Events Tab and are streamed to and from the Wyze Cloud Servers. There are differences in the plans that can be explained here:

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Continuous recording on the SD card is what I use. Captures things motion detection don’t trigger on.

Requires no subscription, but doesn’t identify people without one (only motion).