Can I control an IFTTT enabled siren with Wyze ?



Hi ,

I’m actually most concerned about intruders in my house while I’m asleep.

Could I control a device like iSmartAlarm Satellite Siren … which claims to support IFTTT… with the Wyze Cam Pan and software.

That is detect motion with Wyze and then turn on the Siren to both wake me and scare the bajeebees out of the intruder ?




Wyze has an IFTTT motion sensed trigger. If the siren has an IFTTT action that turns on the siren, then yes you can easily set this up.

One caution though… it might be hard to narrow down the camera sensitivity and detection zone so you don’t get false alarms. For example, if a bug decides to crawl across the video frame with night vision on, it’s almost guaranteed to set off a motion alert.


That’s promising at least.

Would it be possible to reduce the false alarms by requiring two camera’s detecting motion before issuing the IFTTT trigger to the alarm ? Or is that going to cause the opposite problem of not alerting when it should?

And thanks for the quick response Rick!



Interesting idea, having two cameras motion needed for trigger. As long as the cameras were set physically in such a way to be sure to read motion from the intruder, it could work. Unfortunately, there’s no direct way to do that with IFTTT. I know it’s possible in IFTTT to have multiple actions follow a single trigger. I’m not aware of any way to require multiple triggers to cause an action. However, I’m not what you’d call an IFTTT expert.

There may be some clever way to string together recipes to make this happen. Something like having the first camera’s motion trigger an intermediary action that somehow sets a flag. Then when the second camera’s motion is triggered, the siren is triggered only if the flag is set. I have no idea what the intermediary would be though.


Unfortunately the iSmartAlarm siren will not be recognized until it is setup with iSmartAlarm hub … so I own a $35 paperweight :frowning:

Wyze needs to expand its product line to include at least remote sirens and switches.