CamPlus subscription disable auto-renew ( Billing Option)

I did & found nothing. Sorry, might be a pet peeve but I HATE auto-renew of subscriptions. How about you give ME the choice, when I sign up, to take auto-renew or not. I would much prefer no auto-renew but a reminder near the end of a subscription to give me the option to renew or not or perhaps alter my method of payment (aka a different credit card).

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I would use this for some of my Cam Plus subscriptions. I just ordered 5 of them with the Black Friday special, but after the 1 year expires, I will probably only keep 2 of them, 4 at the most…unless of course Wyze offers an unlimited Cameras option like Google/Ring do.

What I am doing for now, is I set a calendar reminder for a week or two before the renewal date, telling myself to look at canceling 1-3 of those subscriptions before they renew. That’s not too big of a pain to do, but it would be nicer to have this option.