Camper/RV Thermostat

I have updated my article to include more detailed setup instructions. Please let me know if I should change anything. I hope this helps everyone.


Acole did you need to select other?
I would normally pick forced air.

Just wondering, I’ll be installing the same as you.

Thank you.

Yes, you can select other or even radiator. The issue with forced air is that it always turns the fan on, so the A/C fan comes on when the heat comes on. Most RV furnaces have their own fans that they control themselves.

Acole, one last question I promise, I leave my rv powered and on during the shoulder months, but use the exiting off switch on the t stat to prevent the heat from running while away, does the Wyze stat have that feature, or do you know how low you can set it for heat like 40 degrees to prevent me from using propane while away?

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The lowest it goes is 50. You are able to turn it off so the heat or ac doesn’t come on. The unit itself will still draw a small amount of power but shouldn’t matter if you are plugged in or even have a small solar trickle charger. The nice thing about it is if you have internet, I keep a small mobile hotspot in mine, you can monitor the temp and adjust the heater settings remotely.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you want.

Sorry for the very late reply. Member acole tried using the T-stat out of the box and it worked fine. Just us either the Radiator or the Other setting while programming(I didn’t at first). So far it is working fine.

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I’ve used ZEN WiFI stats which run on AA batts and Honeywell standard WiFi stats using a 24v transformer in my RV’s. Both work fine.