Cameras outbound traffic trying to reach too many different IPs



I’ve asked support more than once for a list of IPs or something to whitelist for the outbound traffic from my cameras.

They have not answered.

However, I’m becoming less and less confident in the security of these cameras.

I’ve been whitelisting Amazon ranges. I’ve done about a dozen. But Amazon has about 800 in IPv4 space. Too many to whitelist all of Amazon AWS/EC2.

As I look at my logs tonight, I see one camera trying to reach,, hosted by OVH Hosting in Montreal.

And,, hosted by Linode in NJ.

I don’t understand why the camera needs to reach out to all these random locations.

I recommend everyone keep an eye on your outbound traffic. I wouldn’t recommend allowing these cameras to just reach out to the internet without knowing where it’s going.