Cameras Not Recording Events and Not Recording to SD Card

I’m reaching out to some people on this right now to see if there is a known issue. I’ll get back with you when I hear something. the video not found or still uploading notification was indicative of a server issue a while ago but it was very widely reported and I haven’t heard much on this again after it was fixed last time.

Thanks a lot Bam. Now im not sure what to do, I still have 1 cam v2 left in its box, unopened, and also a Pan Cam, to install. Im almost sure same thing will happen, since it looks like wyze servers are not accepting my new installs? Can I contact wyze directly in some way about this issue ? thanks again =)

here is the contact link for support. I would give that a shot as well. support

I havent heard anything back on my contacts yet.

I have these two &
if they are any help.

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I try anything. Can’t hurt.

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Private message me your email. They are in a zip file. I will attach them and email them to you.

Tomo…I think I PMd you but not sure lol. Very new to forums. Wasnt sure how to just message ypu

Okay I did not p.m. you. I do not know how to do that LOL I can’t seem to click on anything that Is a direct message

To message: click on the username on one of their posts. You will see a Message button on their popup card.


Not sure, but you might need to increase his trust level to Basic as he/she is new.

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This worked great. Thanks!!!

Ok folks. I am at my wit’s end. I just got these two new cameras in that wyze sent me as replacements and I set them up exactly like wyze tells you to set them up. And they still do not record to an SD card when they are not connected to Wi-Fi. I don’t understand why I am the only person having this problem. I’m curious if other people find it’s working when it’s not connected to Wi-Fi. Surely I’m not the only person who’s trying to use it in a non Internet available space. My next step is to look into actual hard-wired systems. They also do not require internet. But they do require wires run through my house. I still have one wyze camera that works and records just fine to the SD card. So I know it’s possible. I have done all the flash firmware options possible! And I have done everything that has been posted on this board. But I feel like I’m missing some tiny particular step

The only time I have had issues recording to SD card without wifi is if it has not made any connection. When the cam powers up it must ‘call home’ then it will start recording and wifi can be removed. If it does not call home it will not record. So if you do set it up for example and it calls home and starts recording, you then remove wifi but 2 hours later there is a power glitch it will stop recording until it can make that connection again.

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So Jason21271…I should try and reconnect it within less than 2 hours? I set them up at a family members home that has wi-fi and then I take them to my house which doesnt have internet. I’ll try that tonight and reconnect the power quickly. The weird thing is…the very first one I bought does NOT have any of these problems. It was disconnected from power for over 2 hours, moved and plugged in and kept recording onto the SD card. I still think it has something to do with the firmware. But I will literally try anything.

No they cannot be disconnected from power at all, if they are disconnected they must have internet to start recording. In other words internet can be lost but not power.

It could be due to a firmware change, I know some have said it used to work but doesn’t now.

Disconnecting the power still doesn’t explain how my first one I bought worked and is working even when I unplug it then replug it in. I move it around to different locations and have to unplug and don’t have internet and it just starts recording again on the sd card. This is why this is so frustrating because I had 2 working just fine. Upgraded the firmware on one and it stopped recording. Whenever I bring any of these cameras back to the house with internet all functions work.

I think I started this thread an recognize the frustration and all the work but I’ll just say this for the user still having issues. I am an IT person and have work on IT issues over 30 years. Yes things changed due to firmware changes. I guess it’s been said many times that it is designed with the internet in mind. The fact that one works differently is an anomaly. I would pretty much forget thinking that it’s anything but that. I’m sure once it goes online and start updating that it will function just like the others.

It is a WiFi cam so the internet is a piece that it depends on. I don’t think they ever intended for it to be stand-alone. It is what it is.

Thank you weasy1999…I understand this was designed to work best with internet, however it was made with the capability to work without which is why I chose it. It was a simple plug and play that record to a microSD card. I will be looking into hardwired systems. I basically have really crappy neighborhood kids that do things to the outside of my home and yard and I need to catch them on camera. But I have no other need for internet and simply don’t want to add another monthly bill. So I’m all ears for any recommendations for other systems.

go to for info
Try to get a camera with led. They see it and walk away
Look in to a camera that do ONVIF over wifi. Then you nvr to recorder

I completely understand. They most certainly changed the firmware along the way that caused many of us problems. Yes it definitely seems that you need a different product for your needs. There are some great stand alone solutions. The best of luck.