Cameras Not Recording Events and Not Recording to SD Card

The current Wyze cameras only officially support up to 32GB SD cards formatted FAT32. With that said, other users have had success with larger cards, but they also need to be formatted as FAT32.

I developed the same problem after just a few days of use and I have four cams. I deleted the app, powered phone off and back on, reinstalled the app, all event recordings appeared.

Yes , I have the same issue, and my sister too, the support guys send me some troubleshooting messages but doesn’t work.

Having the same problem - Tried all the troubleshooting steps.

Is your problem that up to the minute events aren’t showing up under the events tab, or are you having trouble with the SD recordings?

The problem is that no events are recording at all. I’ve checked all the settings again and again and I never get any events to be recorded.

It’s been this way for a couple of weeks.
Before that the camera have been disconnected for about nine months.

Have you tried doing a reset on the camera? If you haven’t, it would be worth a try. Here’s how:

Press and hold the setup button on the bottom of the unit for 10 seconds for Wyze Cam V2 and Wyze Cam Pan units and 20 seconds for Wyze Cam V1 units. Allow at least 30 seconds for unit to initialize, in some rare instances this process can take up to 5 minutes.

Do the reset then configure it for event recording and see if that does anything. I would also delete and reload the app. What model camera do you have? Let me know what the outcome is.

I tried all of the above. Still didn’t work. I replaced the microSD card, and that seemed to do the trick. That same microSD card had previously worked, but replacing it appears to have resolved my issue.

So glad you got it working, thanks for letting me know. So many moving parts, checking everything was the best strategy. Hope all goes well from here.

I just received my wyze cam set it up all went fine. All notifications on, wifi connected fine. I even filtered the one cam I have nothing. NO EVENTS, NO Audio, NO SD card. So I did watch the youtube set up and it say’s to pull plastic off the cube first. NO plastic so I guess I got an Amazon return that wasn’t working for the last buyer. Help or it’s going back.

are you able to see the live view?

No live video. I tried to upgrade firmware but it wouldn’t said device not available. I stated from beginning set up still nothing. It has a solid blue light, all steps successful. I’ve gone through all options for device they are set correctly. I’m used to setting up things, I may have missed something but this seemed simple enough. I also put in a support ticket before I saw they have a community forum. Any suggestions?

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You need a SD card for it to work

You don’t need an SD card to make it work, but a solid blue light with absolutely nothing being received by the app, not even live view? If you at least have an entry for the camera in your app, then stick with that support ticket.

Thanks I will return it. After watching a YouTube actual review. It didn’t help figure out what’s going wrong but decided its quality and features were to low quality for me.

Has this issue been fixed?
I am currently having the same problem. Haven’t really payed much attention to this feature until recently while on vacation.

I have similar problem with wyze cams in india. Events getting recored to cloud and sdcard when i use jiofi router/mobile hotspot for wifi connection. But no recording of events when connected with TP Link router wifi connection. Are you able to figure out the problem. Thanks for help.

All three of my cameras stopped continuous recording to sdcard, and one stopped recording events. This was all after the December update. I have downgraded all cameras to, and all recording works. The only issue is the new version of the app does not see two of the cameras being “online”. They are all working though.

There have been more firmware updates since December. How about trying the current firmware?

The updated firmware was the problem. I tried it on all four cameras. I don’t need any of the new features, so I’ll just stay with until it stops working.