Cameras Not Recording Events and Not Recording to SD Card



Cameras had been working fine. Just last week started to miss event recordings. Able to measure misses because light timers are working.


Hello @rnacker, by any chance when this started happening was the storage space on the microSD card starting to get low?


I had a similar occurance starting about the same time on two of my devices: the Wyze camera started saying I had no SD card, even though I did and it had been working with that card for many months previously. Of course, the internal reformat is not available then. But usually, removing the card and doing a full (not Quick) format of the card on my PC would correct the problem, but I even have one SD card that is not recognized by one of my Wyze cameras, but works perfectly well in the SD slot of my PC. I suspect there is some activity (making room for more videos when full?) that is not working properly and cobbles up the SD card to make it unworkable.