Cameras Not Recording Events and Not Recording to SD Card


Cameras had been working fine. Just last week started to miss event recordings. Able to measure misses because light timers are working.


Hello @rnacker, by any chance when this started happening was the storage space on the microSD card starting to get low?


I had a similar occurance starting about the same time on two of my devices: the Wyze camera started saying I had no SD card, even though I did and it had been working with that card for many months previously. Of course, the internal reformat is not available then. But usually, removing the card and doing a full (not Quick) format of the card on my PC would correct the problem, but I even have one SD card that is not recognized by one of my Wyze cameras, but works perfectly well in the SD slot of my PC. I suspect there is some activity (making room for more videos when full?) that is not working properly and cobbles up the SD card to make it unworkable.

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My 2 cams stopped recording on 1/17/19 as well. I removed the sd cards and reset both cams but still not recording. I am unable to go back and review footages it says “No video record available”. I purchased a new sd card and installed that fixed the problem. So not sure if the wyze cam not syncing with the sd card and just corrupted the files. I reformatted the old sd card via PC and put it back on the wyze unfortunately still not recording and unable to view playback footages. WYZE Team could you guys fix this bug?


Not sure if internet myth or some real truth. The too many “fake” cards marketed by 3rd party sellers “myth”. Have been sticking to the “big box stores” and name brands.

Are those having issues with their cards using “endurance” cards. Cards supposedly designed for multiple re-writes. The cards marketed for dash cams and surveillance cams?

So far, no card issues. But cams are set to record events only. Using “standard”, not “endurance” model Sandisk Ultras. Less than one re-write cycle per month.

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I’m the original poster, and a couple days ago, my cameras started working the way they used to work. That is, they’re now recording motion events AND sending notifications to my phone. I didn’t change anything that would have made them stop working as designed back in January, and I didn’t change anything to get them to start working as they’re supposed to work. It might have been caused by app updates, which I think are made without my consent, unless I consented to automatic updates when I originally installed the app. I don’t know. I just know it’s working the way I want it to work, and I’m happy about that.

I’ll add that I downgraded the firmware in my cameras when they stopped sending event notifications, but that didn’t fix anything. I’ve now updated my cameras to the latest firmware, and they’re doing what I want them to do. I hope they continue.

Thanks to everyone who helped with troubleshooting!



My camera stopped recording events this week. I don’t have an SD card installed but previously I would get the 12 secs of recording to the cloud and a push notification. I noticed the software has changed and Detection Settings has been added. My firmware is My last recording is from April 11th. I have a Wyze Cam Pan.


Here are the troubleshooting guides:

If that doesn’t solve it, keep in mind that this is primarily a user-to-user forum. If you don’t get help here from the community, file a support request including log files. That will ensure that the logs are captured. You might want to submit the ticket right away because there’s somewhat of a backlog. You can always let them know it’s already resolved when they contact you.

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I’ve had this exact same problem with both of my cameras!

I put in brand new miscro sd cards. I formatted them inside the camera.

Both cameras live stream reliably. There is no connectivity problem, but neither camera continuously records.

I also upgraded both cameras to the latest software when I installed them. So neither of my cameras has ever worked properly - ie continuously recording.



Can you tell us what competitor’s camera. I am not happy with the functionality of the wyze.

They seem really flaky!


I have the same issue. Bought some new cameras and they don’t record events to SD and the 12 second recordings are useless. Anyone workrd this out yet?


My events just stopped recording for all three of my cameras on the same day. Just upgraded firmware last week- how do I downgrade ?


New user - events are not recording. Continuous recording and spot recording by pressing the record button are fine. Steam is reliable and the WiFi strength is excellent. Firmware upgraded when I initially plugged it in.

About ready to send it back. I need event based recording.


Let me update so maybe it will help others.

Tried to load an old version of firmware. Was unsuccessful multiple times using a 64gb card.

Switched to a 32gb card. Firmware update worked immediately.

Once installed, motion detecting and alerts started working, where they didn’t out of the box.

I rolled back to the October release by the way as I noted some people reported this issue in December.

So, is it the firmware or the SD card that causes the issue???

Right now all I care is that it’s working.


Where can I find the older firmware version?


Here you go:

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I have three pan cams. One will not record to SD triggered on motion event or to the events cloud. I’ve played with all the settings and tried it with and without an SD card. It will record to SD if I place it into continuous mode.


I found my issue. I had my cameras connected to an wifi extender. Even though they are connected to the extender they still are connected to the main router. On my main router I blocked every IP I didn’t have marked. Once I matched up the camera IP and unlocked them the events started recording.

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This is not my problem. My cameras are directly connected via wifi to my router and not blocked.

I am really really disappointed with the software and the updates from Wyze!

While the price for the devices is low - I guess you get what you pay for.

My cameras record events (but only 12 seconds) not long enough. Why is this not settable.

I have sd cards (64GB) installed and the cameras routinely DO NOT do continuous recording!

My neighbor has two NEST cameras and they seem to work great. They are expensive but at least they work.

What good is a security camera that doesn’t actually capture anything.


If you haven’t tried already, try deleting the device and then reinstalling.