Cameras disappeared

I have experienced this issue several times myself and you shouldn’t have to reinstall the cameras. I changed to a different app version and all my devices populated in the list without uninstalling any devices. This is a known bug in the app.

What app version are you currently using?

How to find app version.

Note, I am using Android Beta app v2.16.24 so the results may vary from the production app.

I’m on v2.16.23
Is there a way to upgrade to v2.16.24?

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Yes, switching apps is easy. I would recommend giving the Beta app a try. You can go back to the production app anytime by tapping leave.

To access the Android Beta app, go to the Google play store and search for Wyze labs, scroll down and tap on Join. Afterwards delete the production app and install the Beta app. After deleting the production app, allow 5 to 10 minutes until you see Wyze (Beta) in the playstore.

When I search play store for the beta app, I don’t get anything (see below).

I am able to go to “account” – > about to join the beta, but although I selected all the apps when joining, it shows me just the wyze band (see screenshots below).

Take another look at the play store when you choose “Wyze” (see your pic below) does it show “Wyze” or “Wyze (Beta)” like my first pic in my post above?

Thanks! Went through your instructions again and was able to join and install the beta version!

Good news is that the version installed is now v2.16.24
Bad news is the no cameras still :confused:, just the wyze band…

So weird! I know that’s very frustrating sorry to hear. :pensive:

I have lost a camera in iOS app. When I check Android app, it is showing no camera at all. What should I do? I have Cam Plus as well. Camera is working well physically when I observe it. But in app its not showing.