Cameras disappeared


my camera also disappeared, but i got messages about events and could even see recordings.

Now camera just reappeared in the app while i was writing this :slight_smile:

I’m using Wyze beta on my android. It looks a bit different, so I’m guessing it updated recently, but all of my cameras are also missing. I’d really rather not run through my house re-setting them all up (2 of the 6 are working with the rtsp firmware - I’m viewing them in BlueIris now), usually I just have to view them once in the app and they start streaming again, or at worst i have to regenerate the rtsp link.

This is the only forum that I visit primarily to see why my stuff isn’t working. Routinely.

Same here, I have had lots of issues of the past week getting in to my cameras with error :-27 now all 9 of my cameras are gone.

For a few hours today all my 20 cameras were gone. They came back but all my notifications were turned on so I had to reset them all again. No camera system or company is flawless. After a firmware update my Arlo cameras all had a battery faults and they failed to charge or operate correctly. The company has yet to.fix it after several months. That is why I operate two independent systems.

It was a result of this issue

Mine finally showed up tonight. Just opened Wyze beta on my phone and they were all back. Hopefully they’ll come out with the RTSP firmware for the v3 soon, I’d like to start mounting some of those outside.

My camera was disappearing when everyone else’s was. It was fixed and then today it did it again…

My cameras just began exhibiting this issue also

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My cameras are missing now in the app

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Same thing is happening for me. All my cameras are not showing up on my app. I am still seeing Events though. Please fix.

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My cameras all just disappeared as well. This is concerning because we use one as a baby monitor…

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My 2 cameras disappeared but sending alerts. Tried to power off/on several times. The problem remains.

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Yep same here

Just lost my cameras as well.

Me too… I’ve been hit by the previous times too. Overall I love the cameras and functionality, but not being able to check a camera for an expected food delivery is MADDENING!


11/6/20 5:00 PM PT - We are looking into an issue that is preventing Wyze devices from being visible in the Wyze app. This may also impact the ability to set up new devices and send in logs although Event videos appear to be unaffected. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Same here all cameras disappeared

Add me to growing list of frustrated members.

Forced shutdown, Cleared cache, Uninstalled, Rebooted, Reinstalled = Failed to resolve.

Getting notifications but no live viewings.

Me too! I’m getting rid of this POS camera come Christmas. What the heck kind of camera service just disappears randomly?

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