Cameras disappeared

All 3 of my cameras disappeared. When I open the app all I get is ‘+ New Device’
Still getting motion alerts though.

What’s going on here?

Try force closing the app, then relaunch it.

Did that. Still missing.
And now I’m getting motion alerts on a camera I never had alerts turned on.

Try logging out of the app and then back in. If that doesn’t work, try deleting the app and reinstalling it from the app store/google play,

Logging out/back in worked. I changed my forum password earlier today and apparently that’s my new wyze account password as well.
Are account passwords and forum passwords one in the same now?

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Yes, one Wyze account for both

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My 2 cameras out of 4 also just disappeared from the APP on 25 Aug 2019 for no reason.
Since I am also away from the cameras, I don’t know what to do to bring them back.
I already logged off and reinstall the app but that did not work for me.
Any other suggestion, anybody?

That’s not good.

If the WYZE app tried the now invalid login/password combo, it should have indicated to the user that there’s some sort of an error. Instead it remained silent and showed no cameras.

If this is by design, then this is a support nightmare.

The only thing that comes to mind is that someone set up the cameras to a different account. Since you say you are away from the cameras, might that be possible?

Not a chance, nobody is tech savvy there to do it. It’s just my parents who live there.

Is there a chance they did something by accident enough that it caused this?

not a chance, my mom doesn’t even have phone and my dad doesn’t have WYZE app on his phone. they wouldn’t even try to touch it because i bolt it down inside the casing. i am sure it a software glitch.

I only asked because I have not heard of this issue before so I just wanted to rule out other things first