Camera wont turn on


I’m running into a problem where when I open the app and tap on a camera it says device is off. I keep having to do this repeatedly and then it will say exit the app and retry. still won’t turn on camera. I am up to date on software and app. Anyone else having this problem?


I got this on a couple of my cameras. I had to do a couple of things. I updated the firmware on one camera. Another camera I had to unplug and replug. I also had interference from another network and working with Support set my AP to a difference channel.


You can try power cycling the camera. Or, even though it says it’s off, tap the gear icon and then Restart Device. See if that gets it live again.


I unplugged the camera waited about 30 sec and plugged it back in. I waited for it to reset itself then I logged back into the app and it was working again. I don’t know if that is same thing as power cycling but it worked. Thanks for the replies.