Camera won't switch from day mode to night mode when in auto


I have a new V2 that after the latest update won’t switch from day mode to night mode or vice versa. Any idea if there is a fix/work around?


When you manually toggle the night vision to “on” from the app does it work?

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Yes it does

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Yes it does and when I change it to the other state it changes. Just the “auto” function doesn’t work.


I would recommend trying the process below:

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You don’t have anything (tape, etc) covering up the light sensor hole on the front of the camera, do you?

If not, and if flashing the firmware doesn’t help, you may have a defective light sensor in the camera. To get the camera exchanged, you’ll need to file a support request:

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This might be what you’re experiencing since I thought I had this issue too, but it seems like it’s by design. Scroll to the bottom.