Camera won't stay turned OFF


One of my cameras will not stay turned off. I turn it off when we get home from work and now it won’t stay off. It’s been fine for 2 months
I tried resetting it several times.
Thank you


Same here. It functioned fine for months, followed the schedule I established, then, all of a sudden, it starts misbehaving. It’s not following the scheduled on/off times, it doesn’t stay off when I turn it off, and it’s weird. Ready to unplug it.

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I would try shutting the camera down, remove the SD card, format the card in another device (windows, apple, linux) in FAT32 format, move the camera near the router so it has a strong signal, go through setup to add the camera back to the app (don’t delete it, just add it again and your settings will be saved), shut down the camera, put the formatted SD card back and see if it works. That may sound like many steps, but it’s only like ten minutes or less. This solved some weird behavior with two of my cameras after weeks of troubleshooting.

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I can confirm that these steps do help. I wish there was an automatic button that would go through these steps for you from within the camera for people having weird issues. It doesn’t happen often, and seems to be way more stable then a few months ago. But having an SD Card used to bring issues.

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Unfortunately unplugging did not work. I don’t have an SD card in it.


I unplugged it again and left it unplugged for 5 minutes and that did it. It’s staying off now.
Thank you for the suggestion. I should have known to try that first. :v:

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That’s quite interesting. If I remember, the next time one of my cameras gets wonky, I may try the five minute time-out cool-down thing before anything else.