Camera won't connect if SDcard installed

I have a interesting one… one of my cameras (I have three) will not let me see the video if the sd card is installed. It just says on the app it can’t connect to it. I have tested it at least three times and every time I take the card out it works again. I also have tried 2 different SD cards with the same result.

My experience is that the camera checks the SD drive at power up. If media is present and it can’t read it, it reports connection error. Are they Wyze-supplied SD cards? If not what brand, capacity and speed rating?

They are not supplied by Wyze but I did think about the type, etc. The first card was a Samsung card… the 2nd one is a Sandisk card. I will say the Sandisk card is the same card as in the other cameras and they all work fine. I can get more details on the cards in a few minutes.

I am having the same problem and I am using the Wyze card.

Same here.
Here in 2020 and I’ve bought 2 new pan with 2 new Wyze Pan and the SD cards didn’t work. Getting all sort of error messages which stops as soon as the cards are out the the pan.
Any resolutions?

I may not be too much help. For some reason my issue went away and I am not sure what single or combination of things fixed it. I have done a lot of changes since I posted this issue. Wyze did replace one camera for me but that did not fix it entirely. I have ASUS routers setup in a Mesh network. I had the back haul for the node on the 5gHz channel and the node would keep dropping off. If the camera was connected to that node then of course it dropped off. I ended up moving my node and hard wiring it to the main router. I also separated the 5gHz and 2.4 gHz networks with different SSID’s so all the devices in the house that can run on 5GgHz I was able to get them off the 2.4 network. Then on my ASUS system I discovered an issue with the latest firmware and in an online forum people were saying to flash them back to a previous firmware… so I did that too. After all this the issue is gone. I honestly think the firmware change on the routers had the most affect.

Good luck - this can be frustrating for sure.