Camera with built in siren



Provide an ALARM feature. If motion detected, activate a IFTTT compatible alarm. Preferable one that is AC powered for adequate sound level and remote location. Alarm feature should be able to be set for certain activated time (ie: 5min) before feature resets awaiting another signal. Take this chapter from a very good product that was sold by Piper…very capable, self contained home security system.

Add even more IFTTT triggers + actions

@maxrpm If you have an IFTTT compatible alarm, there is nothing more Wyze needs to do to provide an alarm feature. All you have to do is create a new applet using the Wyze trigger “Motion is detected” and the appropriate IFTTT action step for your particular alarm hardware. Timing of the alarm activation period, etc., would be up to your alarm hardware.

To create a new IFTTT applet, see this:

Keep in mind that IFTTT allows for up to 15 minute delays for actions to happen after a trigger.


@Loki beat me to the response. He’s totally right. His disclaimer :point_up_2:is apt too, as well as Wyze Cam’s post-alert cooldown period.

That’s why I’d like to see a trigger that is simply “motion detected” (green square is painted on the screen) and not connected to an alert or cooldown. I hoped to use this for Halloween, but the cooldown ruined that: When motion is detected on Wyze Cam, tell Hue to turn the porch lights blood red + another action to play a scary noise.


Sorry RickO if I posted in the wrong place. I thought this was for suggestions on how to improve WYZE.
Basically I use this for home security purpose and would like a self contained camera system with alarm built-in. (Hence my reference to Piper). It appears that for me to get something similar using WYZE I must find a way to mate-up an IFTTT controlled duplex outlet, modify a siren horn to plug into the outlet (as I can’t find any plug & play combinations already setup for IFTTT) and then understand how WYZE may be able to trigger the siren when motion or sound or both are activated…that will leave the unanswered dilemma of how to reset the siren after 5-10 min (before neighbors go crazy) when I’m not there. Piper did all of this seamlessly after plug-in and setup. I have a decent level of ‘how-to’ knowledge but I’m not a coder or app creator. I was just hoping someone with those skills had already figured out a solution to this situation, believing others bought WYZE for home security and know the value of a loud siren for help in deterring the bad guys.


@maxrpm… Based on your feedback that you are primarily asking for Wyze to develop a camera with a built in siren, I have moved your post and its replies to a separate thread in #roadmap so people can vote on it (button top of the page). This would be a not insignificant new hardware endeavor for Wyze, and they have a lot of other projects in progress, so I’m not sure when or if it might be taken on.

BTW, it’s “Wyze”, with a Z, not an S. (I’ve fixed that) so Google searches will be able to find your post.