Camera slowly drifting from the waypoint position



I have 2 wyzecam pans and both of them are having the same issue, they slowly over time drift to the left from the waypoint i have defined.

Basically the setup is to have the camera have a single waypoint to point it at my door, and have motion tracking enabled, that way it’ll follow any motion it detects then return back to the waypoint.

The waypoint works great for a while, but over time (3 weeks in my case) it will drift to the left, quite a bit, it’s now like 20-30 degrees counter clockwise when it goes to the waypoint.

rebooting the camera or clicking “reset” on the motor controls reset position does NOT fix the angle. I have to manually move the camera to the angle i want and reset the waypoint.

PS: The base is not rotating.

PPS: I was just trying to test both resetting the position and restarting which somehow cleared my waypoint so it invalidated my test :slight_smile:


I don’t know the answer, so I’d suggest you file a support ticket to get an official response from Wyze.