Camera shows Black & White Video void of color



Today I went to view my camera feed, and the video was Black & White. My WiFi signal is strong as a router is 10 feet away. Also many times it shows buffering.


In the live stream view, just above the top right end of the video frame, check that night mode hasn’t been switched to on (or auto if the room is dark). The control is a crescent moon symbol with the word on/off/auto next to it in a light green color.


Thank you. OK I am a little confused. I have my settings set to Auto, and during the day it showed Black & White. Now that I hit the crescent moon to off and it is night color came back. What am I doing wrong?I never had this problem before.


It may just be that during the day, the room was dim enough that auto night mode was triggered.


If you turn night vision to off it will be in color 24/7


OK night vision is off, and yes in color. Will it work even if there is no light since night vision is off?


Outdoors, and it was daytime when it was Black and White. Will check again later.


In my experience if there is total or near total darkness the camera won’t be able to see/show anything without the night vision on. Night vision usually turns on infrared lights which allow cameras to see even in total darkness


Yes, I found that out so I put the cameras on auto and that works so far. I don’t understand what happened yesterday it was daylight and Black & White.


My best guess is that you accidentally tapped the night vision control and switched it from “auto” to “on”. That would engage the night vision no matter how bright it is outside.


You are probably correct, I have big fingers.


I have this same problem. 3 cameras, all set to Auto, but don’t switch back to color in daytime (rooms have lots of windows, very bright). If I turn off Night Mode, camera switches to color. Toggle back to Auto and camera stays in color until night vision kicks in again, then won’t switch back to color the next day unless I toggle night vision off/on again.


I have exactly the same problem with both of my Pan Cams. They are both set to Auto, but don’t switch back to color in the morning when there is plenty of light. This didn’t happen from the beginning, so I suspect a firmware update caused it.

I can manually toggle Auto to Off and then back to Auto and it shows color, but it’s annoying to have to do manually.

Edit: Both cams are in exactly the same spot; it’s not a problem with lighting conditions.
Both cams are firmware


Add another two cameras (v2) here that stay in night mode, both have direct sunlight in the morning, no question they should flip. Tapping the units do nothing (e.g. stuck IR filter), and doing the Auto -> Off -> On -> Auto DOES reset the thing to daylight mode. Bug in the firmware?


One of my old cams…a V1…which has been in my 24/7 lighted garage for months just recently started doin’ the same…B&W, unless I set night vision to “OFF” #headscratcher