Camera SD recordings stopping

Hey this is a major problem and should be addressed.
#1 - recently my cameras (v2’s) have stopped recording to their SD cards as they get close to full (~1.9 GB remaining). Okay, that’s fine, but warn me! Instead they just switch off the record locally and I never knew it.

I see there is already an issue where if the power goes out they don’t start recording again. Is that all that happened with mine? I don’t know, but THAT’s A MAJOR ISSUE, because as we all “set it and forget it” who is going constantly check three pages into the settings if the camera is working correctly. It is just expected they restart.

#2 - THERE NEEDS TO BE A NOTIFICATION if the camera has stopped recording locally for whatever reason. It’s completely useless to rely on these for “security” only to discover the camera stopped recording months ago. Maybe add a red dot in the viewfinder for when local recording is active. Also, when the card is getting full some kind of notification. Mine are set to continuous, but I discovered they stopped re-writing and just ended. Or email me if they detect a power failure so I know to reset something.



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