Camera recommendations to see animals


I use some cameras to secure my main house.
For another house, I have two use cases: security and see animals. Some of them come to the house and I would like to get some pictures during the day or even night.

I was looking at the best match in the Wyze product list. Something that I could easily attach to a tree or something like this.
Anybody here could give me feedback on a preference for this particular use case ?

Thank you !

Welcome to the Wyze community @rajefar551!
I’d suggest the Wyze Cam Outdoor. It’s a rechargeable battery powered camera that would work perfectly for this use.
Take a look around the outdoor camera page. If you need multiple cameras, purchase the starter bundle(linked above) and add-on cameras(scroll down, you’ll see them).

Thank you @Brlepage. Nice product.
I will also check if it can be plugged to solar panels, to have infinite battery life.