Camera plays a sound (eg. siren) on motion or on demand

Hi, My name is Christopher Cruz and I’m a proud Wyze cam user. I was introduced to Wyze cam through a co-worker, I was looking for a security camera on a budget and he send Wyze cam link to me. Since then I have install Wyze cams throughout the house and always looking for any new upgrades. I was thinking it will be awesome if we could set off some kind of a siren thru the cam speaker. If someone had ever brake into the house, I would like to have the option to set off a siren, and if we can have all the cameras go off at the same time that will be even better. But what if we only have one or two cameras? I think it will be helpful if we can have the option of using Alexa as the assisting speaker. We can access it through the Wyze cam app and set it off. We can say “Alexa sound security alarm” and all the Wyze cams go off including Alexa. Just imagine a thief in your home face with a loud annoying siren, he would be out of there in seconds. What do you guys think??

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Welcome to the Forum Community, @Ccruz40! Thanks for your post!

I do not use Alexa and am not sure how much extra programming that takes. if it is easy patch great, if not I’d like to just have the software in place to push a button to send a sound file of my choice thru the speakers of all my wyze cameras. This way I get the alert to my phone, I view the video I see someone by the house and I choose file and hit send. I can also talk through th cameras.

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the idea of a barking dog sound, with all these great sound recorders someone should have the ability to record a nice guard dog sound that does not sound too repetitive ?
i find myself wanting to be able to set a beep sound so i can look if motion is happening in the frame … but i want to be able to train this to ignore the tree blowing in the wind …

Dogcam yes your idea is what was proposed originally!

May be easiest to allow the user to choose the file, or record their own, dog barking, coyotes howling, machine guns(home alone), sirens. Would be best if we could choose which sound goes off when motion occurs based on if it’s a person or animal.

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i wonder in the future if the software could collaborate with more than 1 camera to make a better motion analysis seeing the same moving object from more than 1 angle

also deep learning the video to identify wind blown trees etc.

with people learning how to see through walls with wifi radiation, i bet a really cool density map could be made where the normal absorbency of the yard could be learned and then if a snake or large animal few onto the known property the density would change and the density changes would appear on a map like interface.

Ability to audibly alert (chime/beep/etc) through the camera’s speaker where the sense bridge is attached. This could be used as a reminder to shut the door, or an alert for a business that the door has opened. Basically operate the same way the notifications do in the app, but instead of sending a notification through the app, it would just beep the camera that the bridge is connected to.

My kids always leave our door open. This would be a reminder for anyone in the area who hears it to shut it. Much like our refrigerator beeps if someone leaves it open.

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Use Alexa echo

Don’t have one, don’t want one.

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Like me, not all of us have or want Alexa. This should be strictly a software addition through Wyze through Wyze cameras. IMHO

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I’ll agree on the alexa front. Wyze has some knitting to do. We got cams with mic and speakers and a sensor and nothing plays nicely together.

IMO they are trying to get market share on the cheap. I don’t think Wyze users want another Echo; just alerts that make sense.

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I started using the Wyze Cam to track a mouse we could not get rid of and it was very helpful as I was able to monitor its movements, e.g., running along the basement pipes and put up “roadblocks” to limit its mobility. It lead to think that it would be good if the Cam to store predator sounds, e.g., in the case of a mouse, an angry cat, and activiate the sounds when motion was detected. The Outdoor Cam could also be used to deter nuisance wildlife, e.g., skunks, by playing horned owl sounds to scare the critters away. This might open a whole new market for the cameras as nuisance wildlife control is a big market.


Just voted. I was thinking last night how helpful it would be when an intruder triggers Wyze’s motion sensor, if the camera’s speaker could automatically play a pre-recorded sound file (e.g. “Intruder detected. Contacting authority” to scare them away.

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And it is your Mother they put in cuffs!

The new doorbell cam has sound files, so they have the programming done already. Tell everyone so we can get this through

Ccruz40 - V3 camera has a built-in siren. I can only trigger it from the app at this point with a push of a icon.
My wish was the ability to pre-record a personal message and have it triggered either motion or a sensor event…fingers crossed.

Yes…that’s a great suggestion. The person detection would need to be enabled, motion detection picks up too many events, your neighbors would be a bit furious :open_mouth:

When did you get the v3? I thought they were not shipping til January 2021.
Also why not make a pan cam V3 with the siren? I have the small cams but in some places you need the pan cam IMHO.

I have 4 pan cams 4 v2 cams and 1 Bosma pan cam that has a 110db siren I can sound from their app.

Also, I was going to buy Wyze doorbell but it does not take the memory card…you have to use cloud. I bought into Wyze bc i don’t want my videos in a cloud environment. They are my videos.