Camera plays a sound (eg. siren) on motion or on demand

Hi Grant,
Let’s see if we can get the word out to get the votes to get this done.
It should be just a software issue to put a place to keep 1 or more sound files to choose from and a button to push to send the signal to the camera. I am not sure if there is a way they can do it by software to have that sound file sent to all the cameras you have. I have 7.


How about embedding a few common audio files to be triggered on the app while viewing the camera. Maybe you can have a new recorded file downloaded and stored on the camera for a particular use. This prevents the fumbling, delays, and latency of all the performing functions needed to get a message out. I’m sure the clarity would be improved since it would be embedded.

Thank you.

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Any chance the App can be update to have a trigger to make a startling sound through the Cam Pan Wyze app? I mainly use it for the dogs in the house running free … if the grab, for instance, my D Cowboys hat … I want to scare the S@&@ outta them … maybe a horn sound … a bang … unfortunately I think me talking through the APP mic is getting ignored …

I have raccoons coming around and would love to have some dogs barking anytime they show up!! Everyone around me would rather just shoot them before they get into the corn or get into their chicken house, but I really would like to scare them away if at all possible. I saw motion sensors online with dog sounds but wanted to be sure it was something that could not be accomplished with Wyze before making the purchase. I have not found anywhere here that Wyze can accomplish that yet.

it seems like just adding an audio file you can trigger when looking at the camera is popular and would not need to wait for a separate alarm hookup.
Should be able to store 1 - 4 files. Barking dog(s), cops siren, etc.

Wyze are you listening in here?

I would also love to be able to play a sound file on motion detection (chk-chk of a shotgun loading is my pref . . . GET OFF’A MY LAWN!!). As a DB interface developer myself don’t see how this would be a major project, as detection already exists and sound capability also. I’ve just done the rtsp hack on one camera and will be seeing if I can talk back in any way (python is pretty good for automation stuff), but I saw no ports open before and I assume I’ll only see the rtsp port now. I will portscan shortly and repost if I have any success.

I only recently started using the Wyze Cam V2s and love them, this would be the icing on the cake.

Cheers !

Lol , love the gun racking sound effect idea! The problem with the V2 motion detection is that it’s pixel based, false alarms have created a “cried wolf” atmosphere. The new outdoor unit with its PIR should help reduce the false alarms, thus helping the shot-gun racking sound become that much more effective. My preference it to see on-screen button(s) to select the wave sound. Having to fumble with the phone to select the mic , then hold it, then look for the audio freq bars to let me know when to speak, then the lag…too much for me.

Thank you for that encouraging news. I thought it would be one of the easier things asked for here. Let’s keep pushing and I like your idea of the click click of a shotgun to add t omy dogs barking and cops siren files!
I like the Shotgun Old School :

I’m not impressed with what I’ve seen so far for the Outdoor unit, seems to be hub based, creating a separate network subnet, when I want to keep my stuff on my main subnet to access the rtsp feeds from individual units easily from other applications. I picked up outdoor casings for the standard V2 model which look good, but I haven’t tried yet.

Right now I can read and display the rtsp stream easily with a simple python script (or VLC of course), but I’m waiting for the result of my scan of all 65535 ports on the rtsp firmware unit to see if I can maybe go the other way.

Forgive me if this has also been asked already. Can a feature be added that when the camera detects motion or a person that you can set it to “chirp” or be able to play back pre recorded messages?

Thinking of old school security systems when the doors open the system chirps. Perhaps if a person is detected you could set a rule to either chirp or say “Hello”

I was indeed talking about the camera itself playing a sound/chirp/audio clip.

Yes the cameras you have play a file you choose with a button on he phone (manual mode) or auto if a person is detected. you choose which way to work it.

Perhaps I’m a bit jaded, but I feel they will only add this really simple but incredibly useful feature once they can find a way to make it dependent on a cloud service?

If they want to stay competitive or in business at all they may want to rethink their “money” now approach. IMHO

I agree. I began to write what I state below but didn’t know how to send to WYZE. Not sure if this is possible or not yet.

Is it possible to have the Wyze Cam play an audible sound when a door opens? To notify if someone walks in or out of a room. Such as my grandchild who likes to get up in the middle of the night and go downstairs.

If not currently possible it seems like this can be easily implemented.

Thank you.

Ability to use the speaker on the cameras to sound an alarm to ward off anyone sketchy

I’m hearing impaired, current notifications do not work for me. Alarm sounds!!

So, all of the Wyze Cams have speakers, but, they can only be used in real time or when recording.
Isn’t the obvious feature to be able to send some sort of audio response to the speaker from the other sense devices? For now all we can do is use the #$%^ Alexa zombie to channel audio when some event is recorded.

Hello, I would like to know if there is a door sensor trigger that when opened generated a siren sound and also works with Alexa in guard mode

This is suppose to be a wish list so:It would be great if the motion could turn on a radio and/or the option of something prerecorded. Also if there could be a different response whether it was a person or the x#!% raccoon that comes on my porch and makes a mess. Maybe an option of several responses randomly playing so the intruder doesn’t keep hearing the same thing.