Camera Pixelation


Hi Everyone!

Has anyone seen anything like this with WyzeCam’s? I currently have 8 WyzeCam’s (and 2 Pan’s on order!) - 5 V1 and 3 V2. One of my V2’s is exhibiting a blocky pixelation that is most noticeable on the sidewalk concrete and grass.

The V2 is on the Left, V1 on the Right. I’ve updated the firmware and rebooted the V2 several times but it hasn’t helped remove the pixelation. Does anyone else see what I"m seeing?



Are they both in HD mode?


Hi RickO!

I just checked them and they are both in HD mode. Funny enough earlier this week every time I went to set a timeplapse the cameras would revert to SD. In this case both screenshots and video were taken while they are both in HD mode…


I experience that pixelation or funny looking grass when I place my roaming camera at the furthest point from the router at very end of the WiFi range, that is the camera I move around to detect unwanted stray cats, squirrels and animals I want to keep away from the garden.



Hi Flaco!

Thanks for the idea, I’ll move it closer to the router and see if that improves the quality of the video.


I have same issue and the camera is less than 1 meter to wifi router!