Camera not connecting after scanning QR Code



Hey Wyze Community,

Having an issue where I need to of my V2 came disconnected from my wifi. So I power cycle it and then go through the steps of setting up again only for it to scan the QR code and then tell me it can't connect after a minute or so of trying. Anyone else run into this?


Is your phone connected to the same 2.4GHz wifi network (SSID) to which you’re trying to connect the camera?


hi Kyfry85,

if the unit scan the qr code successfully (audio prompt would state that qr code scanned successfully), but the unit is unable to connect to wifi, you may want to verify the password as an initial troubleshooting step. you can verify the wifi password on the “Select device Wi-Fi” setup page by clicking on the closed eye icon to the right of where your wifi password is entered, revealing the wifi password in clear text.



Sure is.


I’ve verified my password multiple times. Still the same result.


thanks, the unit is also in the same location it was previously, correct - and within range of the wireless ap/router.


Yup. Nothing has changed with the location. Same location and everything.


thanks, if the wifi password has been verified, the unit is in the same location and within wifi ap/router range, are you able to setup the unit from another mobile device; i.e. ipad, iphone.


Tried on my Galaxy tablet and the same result as before.


thanks, any chance you would be able to connect the camera to a different ssid/wifi network, and see if it is able to connect. trying to determine if the issue is with the camera and/or the setup process (qr code). if that is not possible, can you perform a factory reset on the camera and try to set it up again on the same wifi network.