Camera must be active(on) to view the cloud stored video alerts?



Just want to confirm, does a camera need to be active(on) to view the cloud stored video alerts via the 14day cloud storage? Does my account keep the camera information and therefore should be able to view the cloud stored video if it is turned off, stolen etc?

thank you.


The cloud stored Alerts are on stored on Amazon Web Seevices. I just did a test where I unplugged one of my cameras and it worked as I expected, the notification clips were still available in the iOS app.

Please give it a shot yourself, although I expect the answer is that the camera does not need to be active to see previously recorded alerts.


I concur. Previously captured alerts will still play if the camera is offline.


Thanks Oaktree and Rick,

It was a combination of getting used to the camera and human error (mine). I have 2 cameras and one seemed to be working fine, I made some incorrect assumptions about the other camera and why I didn’t see any of the previous recordings. Turning up the sensitivity may have also helped.