Camera is NOW working with Alexa show


Hello there I currently own 2 Alexa shows and I bought 2 wyze cameras, one for my daughter n 1 for my son. Had Best Buy Geek Squad come out and install everything 2 weeks ago and the wyze cameras would not work, it would hook up to them but you can not do a live stream… I was about to call the vendor back and get my money back. But I said I’ll give it one more shot. I reset the cameras on the wyze app And Look what the cat dragged in… the cameras do work with the Alexa show I think there was an update in the last couple days that you had to do to the cameras or maybe I just got lucky… But I can tell the alexa show to show me each Room and usually within 3 seconds the Room shows up… I figured I would share this n maybe this is old news but I am estatic tonight !! Lol