Camera Grouping

It’s coming.

This didn’t really get implemented quite like I thought it would

The new feature allows you to create a
Camera Group
A contact Sensor Group
A Motion sensor group

What it does not allow is to create a

Backyard Group
Home Group
Garage Group
Office Group

Where I can tell it which of ALL my sensors (and future Wyze products like doorbell and light bulb) are in which group. Why was the grouping limited to sensor type?


also one item can become multiple groups

Also if you use a camera in a group it is locked into that group.
You should be able to put a camera into multiple groups… I have a camera that I would like to have in others groups also.

This item is in the Wishlist currently. follow this link to vote for the feature and let your voice be heard.

remember to search through the forums as often times what you are looking for is already being looked for or worked on

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