Camera Grouping does not work!

I set up 3 cameras in a group and at first all 3 cameras were live and visible at the same time. I don’t know what happened in the last 2 days but now i can only view 1 camera and shows the other cameras to be off line, which is not true. If you click on an individual camera, it is active but does not show multiple live feeds. This option worked a few days ago, but now it does not work. I have cleared cache, forced close, reinstalled the app, ect. It appears only the Pan Cam is displayed and the V3 cameras appear to be not active on the group screen.
Is it me or did Wyze discontinue this feature? Could it be the new V3 cameras? No problem with the Pan Cam

From the picture, grouping works, the cameras don’t.

That’s happened to my WOCs in groups every now and again. Power cycling the cameras tends to fix that issue for me. Unsure if it’s a similar problem, but I’d try that.

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after a full day of uninstalling and reinstalling, i set up a new and more powerful router. This has remedied a few issues. Now i can get all 3 cams. Lag is a lot less. The total set is performing much better. Stronger signal to the camera was the solution. Thank you for your input!

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I’ve umpteen cams and have found out that I can rarely run more than 3 active and visible outside the home network on a with upload speeds less than 700 kilobits per second.
Speed matters.
It shouldn’t affect on network access much.