Camera control with Alexa (for non-screen Alexa devices)


I saw wise cams are now Alexa enabled, so I bought a few with the specific goal of being able to turn them off/on using an Alexa Routine so I don’t have to open the app and turn them each on/off one by one everytime I get home ( so I’m not receiving constant notifications or being filmed without clothes). Although I can add them successfully to Alexa using her skill, there seems to be no ability to tell her to simply turn them on or off, which seems like a fundamental function to consider them ‘Alexa enabled.’ Is there a time frame for this being addressed, or a work around I am not aware of (using scheduled timers are not adequate due to my random schedule).

Otherwise, they are a great value for the price. Thanks.

On and off

The Alexa skill was only intended to be able to view the cameras on Alexa devices with screens. That’s why the on/off function is not available. I’ve added your request for this to Wyze’s feature request tracker, but I wouldn’t expect it to happen anytime soon.

In the mean time, rather than turn each camera on/off one by one, you can set up tasks in the Shortcuts section at the top of Devices page in the app. Set up one task that turns on all cameras and another that turns them all off. That will give you one-button control for all cameras at once.


Thank you for the quick feedback and the tip. Much appreciated.


I wanted to add…, the intended use case for the request is so that on/off can be added to my existing Alexa routine. When I leave I tell Alexa ‘I’m leaving’, which results in the lights turning off, the thermostat adjusting and the alarm arming, all without touching my phone.

It would be very helpful if the cameras turned on as part of that routine, rather than having to pull out the phone, launch the app, and manually activate them. Hopefully the ability to turn on/off via Alexa will be recognized as valuable feature on the requests list. Thanks again.




I bought it for the same reason. Had I realized it didn’t work as part of an Alexa routine I would have bought a different brand.


You can turn them on and off with IFTTT with geofencing from your phone, then you wouldn’t have to do anything since it’s based on your location. I just got my cams today and also just started using IFTTT today and it’s super user friendly and easy to figure out.


SAINTS75. Thanks for the suggestion, it is a good one, but unfortunately one I’ve tried previously and found the extra layers didn’t work consistently for me. Unlike lights, security cameras need to get activated without fail when leaving. Alexa routines work every time while also providing the benefit of visual confirmation it worked as I leave, rather than just hoping the IFTTT worked when a certain distance away. I’m also already running the routine when I leave/get home anyway due to many other devices being controlled, so it’s no extra work to use the routine.

DGRISSA… Yes I was disappointed to see the ‘not any time soon’ response too. For a new company, they’ve accomplished a lot in a brief time though and I am a fan of WYZE, so I’m hoping they get to it sooner than later. It’s the only hole in my otherwise completely voice controlled home automation routine of three dozen devices.


In addition to on/off, it would be good to allow Alexa to control all the same functions that IFTTT is able, including those proposed here:


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It would also be useful if the Alexa app could recognize Wyze cameras’ motion detection and use that to trigger routines.