Camera Brightness



Any chance there is a setting coming to adjust the brightness of the camera. See the attached photo.



Are you complaining that the face is not recognizable? You need to be realistic. You have an image that is over 3/4 filled with a bright background and in one small corner you are trying to get detail about something very dark. Even my almost a kilobuck Nikon “prosumer” grade DSLR would not do a lot better. In order to get the face light enough to be recognizable, most of the rest of the image would be blown out to essentially solid white. The automatic iris control in the camera does a pretty good job of adjusting the light levels, but any camera has a limit of how much contrast it can deal with. This is one of those ways that a film camera CAN be better than a digital one, but even that has it’s limits. Your real solution is to move the camera or re-point it so that the light background is no longer in the frame. A couple of specific suggestions based on what I can see. I am making the educated guess that the photo is looking approximately east (based on the timestamp and shadows). If that’s the case you will have morning sun to deal with which complicates it. I’m also assuming that the person is standing in front of your front door. If you were to move the camera above the door looking sharply down so that the top of the image is barely off your front porch, you would mostly eliminate the bright background. Depending on the shade from the roof over the porch, morning sun may still be a problem. Another suggestion would be to move the camera to the right and angle it so the wall on the left side of the image is in the background. That also may have sun issues depending on the roof coverage in the mid to late morning. Another suggestion would be to put the camera under the porch roof (between the two support columns) looking at the door from that direction. You don’t see faces as someone is approaching, but you do as they are leaving. That would have the advantage that if mounted well, the person can not see the camera until after they have already been photographed. That should also eliminate morning sun problems. BTW, that is how I have my front door security camera mounted.



Simple answer would have been no. I was simply asking a question if there was an adjustment. Not a complaint??? Really!