Camera automation

Does anyone know how to incorporate the rules feature that lets you choose what to happen if camera detects a person with rest of smart home it would be amazingly handy don’t really see the use in being able to control my other cameras when someone’s detected how bout turning on n off stuff on Alexa or really anything #cameras #power-lighting #home

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Hi @edgeunsinn.

There are a number of trigger rules you can setup in the Wyze rules, and Alexa routines.

Of course these are highly dependent on what devices you use and what type of integration is available.

But if you have some specific scenarios of what triggers and actions you are trying to accomplish I can see if they are achievable.


Yes, you can trigger any Alexa routine when a Wyze camera detects a person.

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  1. My Motion Sensor V2 has ability to identify when motion is detected and when it clears and take action such as turn the light off after it clears.
    Please copy the code and add it to the Pan V2 and Cam V3. :slightly_smiling_face:

  2. I would like to get an email and / or a sound (beep) alarm on my iPhone when my Motion Sensor V2 identifies motion. Can I currently do this? If not please add. I have notifications turned on for the Motion Sensor and for the iPhone under notifications.